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Kaori son sipping small mouth shallow a smile, there is no answer, turned to because her face slightly changes of the Xiao Yu, smiles to say: "Xiao Yu cousin, you some age is bigger than ZSZSZSZ brother, and entered the college practice, this kind of challenge, but some is coming, if Xiao Yu cousin really want to find someone to get out, or let kaori son to accompany you."

After finishing some things, Xiao Yan is also reply to the body, return to the family, please medicine old hand alchemy a little nourishing Dan medicine, and then anxious to send the Dan medicine to the smoked son in the past, looking at that girl holding Dan medicine, slightly red water eyes, Xiao Yan only feel that moment, vanity has been greatly satisfied.

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"Want a correction?" Smell speech, Liu Xi frowning, apparently some do not want to, he has been used to sell at a high price, now suddenly drop price, he still can't stand really a little.

The breath coming from the ear, let xiao Yu body instant tension up, delicate tip of the ear quickly float on a layer of pink, a moment later, took a deep breath, faint voice with a subtle tremor: "you should know your value to the family, so, you can not casually accept the challenge of others, as your... Cousin, I have a right to protect you from some dangers."

When Xiao Yan is ready to return, the corner of his eye is suddenly.

The vision swept a glance that was blown to the ground by his hand xiao Ning, Liu Xi said with a smile: "Protecting flowers can need some skills, you are still a little bit poor."

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Slowly in the mind of the memories of the past some of the old, Xiao Yan mouth suddenly raised some dangerous radian.

"Who are you? Why would you want to kill me? Don't you know I'm the third commander of the Wolfhead Mercenary regiment?" "Shouted Hemon angrily, his face turning as he retreated.

"Pa!" Palm on Xiao Yan's head. Lao Yao laughed and scolded, "If you want me to solve everything for you. What are you still doing alive? Fight with people. Is it not increasing your mind and experience?"

Slowly shook his head, Garebi eye pupil flash a touch of resentment and rage, now the value of four hundred thousand gold coins of medicine has been destroyed, and because of financial problems, this batch of medicine also owed the Orchid city of medicine family three hundred thousand gold coins.

Although did not go out to experience, but Xiao Yan has read about this sword school in some books, xiao's home city named Wutan City, Wutan city belongs to the Empire of Gama, although this city because of the geographical location of warcraft mountain, and among the big cities into the empire, but also only at the bottom.

Looking at gallebi's livid face, Obapa winced and smiled.

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