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Xiao Yan carefully controlled the "Incineration" fight will be two kinds of flames isolated, but even so, two so close fire, is like the constant rolling of the sea, and finally as a comparison with each other, constantly releasing the high temperature, that appearance, as if to compare each other in general.

Think of that smiling brother, Xiao Li chest is a dull pain, came to the black corner area, brother Xiao Ding is said that he can die, but the third brother Xiao Yan can not die!Because only he was able to save Xiao's family, but now

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Xiao Li eye clear in hearing the black league people drink loud, is suddenly become red up, ferocious killing, slowly climbing on that cold face, his heart has made up his mind, if Xiao Yan really out of what long and two short, today even this life, but also let Han Feng pay the price of blood in general!

With these words, Xiao Yan's footsteps took the lead to go outside the Panmen, after which a large number of members of the Panmen followed them in a voluminous manner.

If Xiao Yan know Su Qian is to recognize his fighting skills at a glance, I am afraid it will be extremely stunned this old man's eyes venomous bar.

"With your reputation in the gate of the pan, mark with you to shake your arms, afraid at least hundreds of people will rush to the black corner region with blood and blood to save people, you are in their hearts, but God-like existence."

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"Even if you know, what's the use of it?"When Lin Yan's way was broken, Yao Sheng wasn't in a hurry, but he laughed with a chilly smile.

However, in real times, the black-robed old man in front of him suddenly opened his mouth faintly again: "You should be Xiao Yan, right?It is said that there is a very fuzzy traction between strange fire and strange fire, I think, you can sense the anomaly in the tower, it should also be because of the strange fire in your body?"

Xiao Yan was stunned. She must have seen that wisp of blackness just now. She took her head. He said reluctantly: "In order to get a medicinal herb, he dispelled the poison for Nalan Jie, but it turned out that he got the poison into his own body. Fortunately, the poison had no harm to me, so it had been hidden in my body all the time. Only when she was promoted, he could discharge a little."

"What's the matter?"The fluctuation of the silk was so weak that it seemed to have been obscured by something, so that even Yan Hao and others had not appeared, so they asked in doubt.

Eyebrow pick, Xiao Yan is not think Ziyan is lying, although she surface strength in the fight king step, but that strange force, it is horrific to point, presumably even with the Warcraft that bully **, was its full shot, the end is not much better?

"Third Brother?"His eyes were staring at the vaguely familiar shadow, and now filled with incredible astonishment, even in the face of death, which did not move at all.

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