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"Hehe, don't get me wrong. Our Thousand Medicine Workshop certainly doesn't salivate Bodhi. But I heard that it happened to exist in this large-scale forced sale party held by the Black Emperor."Old Yan smiled.

In the valley, the green flames burning, a flat softly, fluttering fall into Xie Zhener, but make the latter eyes suddenly constricted.

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"I always have to try it. Even if you don't see him, I can ask the Elder about the strange fire. If I can get another kind of strange fire, this poison stain, without help from others, I can untie it.""Xiao Yan didn't care," she said with a faint smile.

Smell words, Xiao Yan's eyes on both sides sweep, really, with the five strong emperor defected, poison Zong this side of the emperor strong, has only four people, and opposite, linked to Scorpion Mountain, but there are nearly eight emperor, if there is no Xiao Yan and other people, perhaps poison zong is really dangerous, but unfortunately, with Xiao Yan and Ziyan, enough to resist the four strong emperor, as for Medusa, he is waiting for that has not shown up the strong, so not the critical moment, do not match the hand.

Fingerprint solidification moment, Xiao Yan's body is along the meridian and its fighting Qi is also along the meridian, immediately his palm burst out a bright green light, in the light diffusion, a strange layer of green crystal layer, along Xiao Yan fingerprint spread out, just a moment, a palm-sized green crystal fingerprint, is adhered to his palm.

"Well."Little medical fairy nodded softly, then whispered:" Thank you very much.

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At the sight of the little medical immortals, Medusa's cheeks could not help appearing a very rare crimson. She coughed lightly and turned around as if nothing happened. When she turned around, Ziyan, who was peeking through her finger clinging to her eyes, stopped Ziyan, and then walked away to the stone forest.

In the green flame, a dark thread of energy rolls violently like a serpent, and with each of its tumbling, the dark color above its body will dissipate a little in the broiling of the glass fire.

Seeing Medusa flashing out, the iron dharma hastily slowed down, the color stubble snapped.

Dust from the floor, sudden changes make people are stunned, that Wu Hao is slow to open his eyes, a stunned look in front of the big black ruler.His eyes stared dazily at the giant black ruler, which was a little familiar to the eyes. In an instant, it seemed to think of something, and suddenly his face sprang up with the excitement of ecstasy."Xiao Yan?It's you!"

"You won't be coming back with a whim.

In the heart of Xiao Yan thought flash between, that four days magic scorpion is not give him a rest of time, two huge as black iron pincers, dance the tiger of the wind against Xiao Yan sandwich.

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