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"In those days, I was able to go to the world with some skills. Therefore, after succumbing to the heart attack, I did not leave. Instead, I went deep into the magma world with curiosity. There are some sighs in the leisurely tone of sky fire, which seems to be regretful for the recklessness of that year.

Hand, then all four stop outside the wormhole, and finally step into it at the same time...

The efficiency of this team is really quite good, in less than half an hour, a small hill, is a large number of white tents, in that tent, there is a fence around, fence outside, was sprinkled with some of the drug powder to drive away poisonous insects.

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"Xiao yan brother, when the time comes if really want to give what condition, please you one thing, as far as possible will young lady away." Xiao Yan leaned back against the window of the car. Suddenly a low voice rang out from outside. He couldn't help being stunned and turned his head to see that it was Han Chong. Should nothing matter, that Xia Mang wants to buy road money, give him some when the time comes, can't solve

As the three fall, the silver halo is slowly dissipated. "What about Xiao Yan? Why didn't he come out?"

Looking at the sudden strength of the small medicine fairy, Xiao Yan is suddenly clenched up his fist, he understood, at the moment, she was afraid of untie the difficult poison seal, so although the strength skyrocketed, but the distance from the poison explosion of time, but also shortened a lot of..." "Leave it to me. ""

The silvery force of space moving back and forth on the surface of the ship looked very strange.

"This so-called puppet technique I've just seen occasionally on some ancient books but I've never seen the puppet system, I didn't think there is such a collection of the puppet puppet there, I'm afraid the previous seven order fire magic core is the old guy to make the monster puppet." See finished, Su Qian is also TSK TSK exclaim way.

There is no blood flowing out of the cave, because the remaining blood has been distilled in the quenched corpse gas. Similarly, this is a small mule for refining "yao demon".

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Xiao Yan nature also does not know this damning warcraft will not be the member of some powerful family in the state, now he, had been made by that drop green red blood some of the burning.


A flick, the red bead body is to fall into Xiao Yan di, immediately, is like a flame, fierce along xiao Yan throat into the body, and Xiao Yan's skin, is also at this moment become red up...

At the moment, the flat silent for a long time on the stone platform, suddenly sounded a light silent thunder sound, immediately a figure such as electric awed like flash from the distance and to the last body movement, appeared on the stone platform. Then sit cross-legged.

The shadow from far and near, the next moment is directly appeared outside the light curtain, several of the dean, the net to block, immediately look at the face of the person, just a sigh of relief, arch in front of Xiao Yan, sideways out of the way.

See Xiao Yan face of joy, Su Qian et al is also a smile, and then the eyes of a turn "toward the last two primitive wooden box. See their eyes, Xiao Yan is also hey hey smile, will be two wooden boxes, open at the same time.

After extracting three kinds of main materials, he also took a short rest, then concentrated again and meditated for a while. Then he took out a jade bottle from the ring. The mouth of the bottle slowly tilted, and immediately a drop of green red blood fell down.

Flash across this idea in the heart, Xiao Yanmeng a grind, also no longer tube that transparent mask, body movement, then tried to above the magma to flee, and on its shape just came out dozens of meters distance, at the top of the magma, but there was a dramatic fluctuations, soon, he is look "of the red figure, appear in his sight."

Square, the people looked at each other a look, his face is slightly change, they certainly have heard the news, but now heard what she said, is still felt a sudden shock, to old ghost, that's seven stars grade level of the strong ah, looking black Angle domain, almost can say it's hard to find opponents, have never thought, "And it fell to Canaan College in the end -"

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