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fun college activities for middle school students

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At this time, the little girl in white, looking forward to the door of Xiao Yan, black eyes full of salivation.

Xiao Yan didn't return to the inner court because of his injury, but stayed in the outer courtyard for several days. During this period, Xiao Li's injury was not only improved quickly under Xiao Yan's precious pill, but also his strength was greatly improved.

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Therefore, for the top ten places in the "strong list", as long as it is a little strong people, are holding a fervent yearning heart, that position and special treatment, enough to make them thoroughly strong!

"I didn't expect that the 'strong list' number one in your mouth would be such a little girl," Xiao Yan shook his head with a smile and joked.

Xiao Moxibustion was quivering slightly. The sound of crisp bones colliding inside the body was like firecrackers. It kept ringing. After a while of cooking, Xiao moxibustion just threw out a long breath and felt the huge strength contained in the musculoskeletal structure. With a slight smile, the palm of the palm (said ^ * ap & # net) quietly clung to the handle ruler, walked a few steps forward, holding the ground with the heavy ruler in his hand, and when the sound of sand came out, it was a white trace on the hard floor.

An arena, lying on the railing of Lin Xiu Cliff eyes suddenly bright, eyes involuntarily turned to take out the shadow, where hidden figures, seems to be at this moment slightly straight body.The air is fierce and overbearing. It's a little lighter.

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"Hey hey, but maybe you won't meet that guy. If you want to run into the top ten, it will be ten times more difficult than defeating White Path.Today's top ten guys, all strength is in the fighting spirit peak, combat experience is extremely rich.At the same time, they also have good fighting skills, fighting capacity is far from the level of white can be compared."said Lin Yan with a smile.The plain words did not leave Xiao Yan much face.

Medicine contained in the strong energy, even if Xiao Yan early expected will not be weak, but today's real personal experience, but still feel shocked secretly, worthy of the need to condense so long years before the formation of heaven and earth spirit, this or through other drugs to reconcile the premise, if it is direct invasion of words, how to die do not know.

Smell the words, Xiao moxibustion mouth corner is also a forest cold smile, under the sight of the farm, but the fierce heavy ruler inserted into front of the ground, hands quickly farming strange fingerprint, along with the hand print of the orange movement, fiery timbre flame fierce white concrete swept out, the tinted flame ridge Xiao Zhi wrapped feel ten fire people, after the plate system, the fiery flame is suddenly no back, and finally, like the gate camp again narrow into the body of Xiao moxibustion.

His eyes are only a rough sweep, Xiao Yan is no longer hesitant, straight to the sixth floor of the deep walk.

As he heard this, Elder Liu was suddenly disappointed. He waved his hand wistfully and said, "I don't think so.Just go back, please."

Around the square, because of the Griffin beast and its attractive eyes, there are a lot of foreign aid students gathered here, and when these students saw that from a just falling Griffin beast down a group of people, suddenly stunned, Xiao Yan, smoked children, Sunjia, Wu Hao before entering the inner court, almost outside the well-known star figures, even now more than half a year later, there are still many students remember them, therefore, after the four appeared, the surrounding is a burst of whispers and hot eyes.

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