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"You should know each other, right?" He ignored the quiet atmosphere around him. Xiao Yan looked down at the azure flames that jumped nimbly like two elves in the palm of his hand. lightly said.

"Okay. Yafei. You have something. You actually helped outsiders. You wait for me!" He was helped by his subordinates. The young man's footsteps staggered. Wipe the blood from the corners of the mouth. He glared at Yafei. Immediately, his pupils were gloomy and cold. Xiao Yan turned to the side stubbornly. She breathed in a dark voice: "Okay. Okay. Little bastard. Be brave enough to wait for me!"

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In the hall, there are still many outstanding young people from the family. These fresh blood of the Mittel family, looking at the great elder who is always stern and strict with others, will show such a respectful expression. , all with sluggish faces, constantly guessing the identity of the gray old man in his heart, Hai Bodong has not returned to the Mittel family for decades, enough to make these young people forget his existence.

"Haha." He smiled. Otto didn't argue with Chermir, and put his hands flat on top of his knees. Slightly rocking the sloping chair, quietly waiting for the results of the test.

Otto has never underestimated Xiao Yan's talent for alchemy, but what Xiao Yan has shown now still makes him understand that his overestimation of Xiao Yan is still underestimated...

Because at the time of the last regime change in the Gama Empire. The royal family of Jama at that time. It also happened to be a giant family within the previous empire. so. For these big families in the country. The royal family has always been quite vigilant in secret...

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When Xiao Yan was beating his shoulders. The door was suddenly pushed open. The smiling Hai Bo Dong. Came in slowly. He looked at Xiao Yan who had not yet fallen asleep. Came to the table smiling. Sitting down. Holding the teacup, he took a sip: "|Guy. You are very capable today. Haha. Even the old guy Fana was surprised."

Xiao Yan smiled, nodded slightly, and said, "Who made my brain congeal back then and made that promise. In the past three years, I have suffered a lot for that promise."

"Less than 50%" Xiao Yan spread his hands and said frankly, with his current strength, refining a fourth-grade medicinal pill is extremely reluctant. Yan really dare not agree, after all he has something else


Nodding with a wry smile. Xiao Yan can only think so now.

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