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Be about to collide in both sides when, xiao Yan heart suddenly a light drink, be wrapped in the fist in purple fire, suddenly spread the sound of sharp broken wind, after the moment, mixed with horrible strength gas, mercilessly hit warcraft head on.

"Don't shout. The room is wrapped in my breath and no one can hear you." Above the window edge, the girl light way, fine finger flick, a golden flame sharp thorn, it is in the fingertip condensed form, it seems, willow mat leg on the trauma, should be this thing place injury.

Looking at that do not know when to appear in the girl here, Xiao Yan suddenly feel throat some astringent, the heart almost groans like twittering out a name.

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"Ha ha, although it is a straw hut, but there is a beauty living together, life is also happy." The vision glanced at the straw shed, Xiao Yan nodded, slant head looked at the jade side face of the small doctor fairy, could not help laughing.

On the VIP table, those from the eyes of the various forces, is also closely staring at the stage of the black shirt young, they came to the purpose, is to confirm that the city of Utan has been stunning genius young, whether the past talent again?

Looking at the front of the violent collapse of the ground tree, the mercenary soldiers on the ground light sucked a cool gas, to cause such destructive force, that need how much strength?

Of course, not everyone shares this view, and a small group of mercenaries, already disgusted by the garret family's profiteering, hesitated for a moment, then ran out of the street in disbelief and dashed off toward The town.

"Look at you. It's a shame that you should be so captivated by a lowly skill..." Helpless shook his head, medicine old grabbed the magic crystal on the table, toward Xiao Yan commanded: "to get a big basin of water."

"Human women! How dare you show up? ! I will take your life today in vengeance for the destruction of my horn!"

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Look at the black robe in front of people like this appearance, elegant princess heart immediately some uneasy, she already knew the former ready to help Xiao home, and now the auction and sold such a large number of medicinal materials to add column family, the old gentleman who does not know the temperament, will not have some resentment to the auction.

Into the first ceremony held from the morning to the afternoon, and finally in the marvel of the field, slowly ended, in the end, a pair of eyes, still some can not help but with some of the shock to the field of small face indifferent black shirt young.

"Let go! Xiao Yan cross her one eye, light way.

Blood lotus extract, senior a rare medicinal herbs, this kind of medicine, generally accompanying goldthread root essence, growth, its appearance, but the number of extremely rare, almost the same as the goldthread root essence fully, if not familiar with people, to its must be both know, previously when seeing it, if it is not medicine old suddenly out sound jing yi, with ZSZSZSZ the little novice, Is in any case will not appear this humble little thing, actually will be his bitter and not a rare medicinal materials.

Looked at the empty hall, plus column bi tired on the chair, this time, even if add column family which could survive in the past, I am afraid, will power down, again hard to rival xiao, thought of here, plus column bi strange sigh, somehow, he now, for the original provocatively xiao home, but some feel a trace of regret...

Think of xiao Yan before the wanton move, although Xiao Yu heart and shame and anger, but not as a few years ago as dragging the sword full family kill Xiao Yan.

After chatting with Xiao Zhan and others for a while again, The princess was going to take leave. Xiao Yan, who had been silent, also showed the enthusiasm of the master family at this time. In the satisfied eyes of Xiao Zhan, she sent the princess out of the family all the way.

Suddenly before the body instant stop, tiptoe in the void a pedal, the body in mid-air rotation 180 degrees, medicine old hands black ruler light more and more sheng, to the end, the strong light, actually let Xiao Yan had to narrow his eyes.

Xiao zhan paused and seemed surprised that she had gained such confidence. He smiled and shook his head.

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