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"Hey, this is the little princess in the royal family of Jiama. I heard that her teacher is the vice president, Master Chemir. She will appear here this time, presumably for the Alchemist Conference." There were many in the crowd. A well-informed person recognized her identity after seeing the girl's appearance.

Xiao Yan smiled, nodded heavily, and repeated to Fa Yan, "Don't worry, I will do my best!"

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"A different fire appears, Wan Huo surrenders, this is true or not." Looking at the wonders in the field, Fa Qian sighed lightly on the high platform. He had seen this kind of spectacular scene when he was young. Once, I didn't expect that at this moment, I could see you again

"Wait." After saying this, Fa Yan sat cross-legged on top of the ice, closing his eyes and resting.

And because of this, when Fa Yan saw that the mysterious gray-robed man turned out to be from the Izumo Empire, his face became a little ugly.

"Mr. Yanxiao is a guest of Nalan's family, so I naturally want to come forward. In fact, with Mr. Yanxiao's strength, it seems that my actions are a bit redundant..." Nalan Yanran glanced at Xiao Yan, this guy saw her as soon as he saw her. After that, her face gradually became indifferent. This kind of treatment that was almost polarized with Ya Fei really made Nalan Yanran speechless.

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"Oh. That thing is too terrifying, and it is reasonable to have some sequelae." Hearing Xiao Yan say this, Hai Bodong did not have the slightest doubt, after all, the power of the Buddha's Fury Lotus. It was really a bit terrifying, and his eyes swept across Xiao Yan's side. He frowned slightly and said, "Is it serious?"

Knowing the criticality of this step, Xiao Yan had already prepared to turn Dou Qi into a thin film and cover it in his ears, shielding some of the noise from the outside world.

"Old...Teacher, you...are you kidding me?" After recovering from the shock, Lin Fei said embarrassingly, she had a hard time believing that Xiao Yan was even more powerful than Liu Ling.

"Okay. You leave the academy first. Don't stay here for a long time.) If you are caught, you will have to be surrounded by that arrogant old dean again." After finishing all the instructions. Xun Er waved his hand just now. reminded.

When he clicked his finger, the blue flame popped. That is, he got into Nalan Jie's body, and the latter, who was originally unconscious, was also at this moment. The body trembled suddenly.

Fa Yan's face was gloomy, and a cold light flashed in his turbid pupils.

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