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are high school students more stressed

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Looking at that some tired figure, Xiao Yan flick flick, in the hands of a bamboo wood shooo fly into the fire, and then like an arrow, deep into the bottom of the ground.

The force of the person's space, overflow from it and come out, make its slightly some move, only now of this kind

Of course, this "destruction fire lotus" is made by the fusion of four kinds of flame, now the collection of "chemical fire" has been

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Fist made - a tight, ZSZSZSZ vomit a sigh gently, carrying palm income sleeve ring, slowly looked up, smile looked at the shape if crazy hin, skyfire honour person's hand, almost gave him a deadly blow, not only mean the soul was closed, and the soul is also a big trauma, the even if he can leave alive, I am afraid, strength in the future will plummeted to dou huang level... This was almost harder for Xuan Hufa to accept than death.

(Today's state is not very good, code for a long time only a more, sorry.

"That, my friend, is the old man's reward." Luo cheng waved and a jade box flew


The stone ladder platform, the construction time has been quite a long time, according to su Thousand elder said, here is the dean adult practice on weekdays, so ordinary students are generally forbidden to board, but this time I heard that Xiao Yan wants to start refining seven products Dan medicine, Su Thousand specially opened here, borrowed from its use.

Like to know xiao Yan's heart in general, Han Feng slowly raised his head, face hanging with a strange smile, and then a strange smile from its mouth harsh out: "Jie ~~, Xuan hufa, please start!"

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As soon as xiao Yan stepped on his foot, his body turned into a green shadow, and then shot out like lightning. At the same time, the light force of space spread out from the white ring, and solidified the waves of the surrounding magma..."

"It's a lot of inconvenience, but at least it's a lot of peace of mind. I used to worry that it might explode one day." Su Qian will iron door above the big iron lock unlock, slant head to xiao Yan smile infatuated: "so you can accept this thing and go, also be to save us a trouble."

The village fairy nodded.

Three days flew by in this quiet refining."

Small doctor fairy gentle smile, beautiful eyes watching Xiao Yan, low voice way: "thank you this time, if not your words, I am afraid I have to go to that last step."

From tianya city to Zhongzhou, at least it takes half a year...

Xiao Yan smiles slightly, look to the north horizon, I do not know why, now he, the heart suddenly emerged some hot and impatient, for the so-called state, he, it seems to be very looking forward to... In three days. "" Under the pressure of the heart of that fervent, Xiao Yan slant over, looking at a small doctor fairy that as bright and clean as jade qiao face, fu way. There is one more.

"This should be similar to warcraft inside the magic core of things, but this thing for the practice of fire attributes of the people, but it is rare to see the tonic, but unfortunately, the energy is too violent, can not directly take, otherwise, with some high Dan medicine similar..." ZSZSZSZ eyes filled with amazing colors, things that others want to absorb, it need other thing in the world and one of the wild, but for he has a different fire, but not into how much of a problem, so he can directly will it take and absorption, but to get his pity dalai, this latosolic red beads only with a body, the effect is not big, It can only save a few days of training time.

Listen to a crowd of the magic valley and Han Feng's crusade, Xiao Yan slightly tilted his head, and Xiao Li looked at each other, the eyes are passing a smile, these guys although the wind is fast, but at least is also a help, with their help, this time the magic valley, afraid is really to be wiped from the black horn domain.

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