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"Well, I've heard from you some time ago that there's a fighter in the Garma Empire, whose name seems to be Yunshan?"The beautiful woman dressed in fiery clothes also remembered some of the way, with a dignified complexion.

Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-six The Way to Return His Body

Eagles floating, the eyes of the whole court, are gathered on the eagle's head, there, a Miaoman calm and standing around the wind, but not even the corner of her clothes, the woman wearing a slightly loose purple red dress, cuff, by expensive purple gold silk light round a child, appears extraordinary luxury, of course, the most noticeable, or the woman's glittering like white snow like long, so soft and smooth draped down, like a waterfall galactic woman's cheeks, with the veil covering the appearance of the veil, although hazy, but give people a kind of want to find out exactly how curious heart, in addition, a little strange, the sky like withered wood as not how much light of the emotion down, half-peak of the woman's suspension of the eagles, half-busy.

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"Ho ho! Master said very well that in the past, Yunlan clan was only a middle-class road at most. I think those ignorant guys who used to say that Yunlan lived in the past would fall down their eyes when the next congress."Concordant laughter followed the cloud mountain.

"You've evolved into a * humanoid, not half-human and half-serpent before, so naturally you need a name, and I'll call you Colorful Scale, Queen Medusa is too troublesome to shout."Xiao Yan seemed to look up to Queen Medusa in the sky.

The heart set the thought, Xiao Yan is not hesitant, palms move, a pill is appeared in the hand, then a whole brain stuffed into the mouth, vigorously a bit of chewing.

Pushing Xiao Ding all the way around several streets, the noise behind the end gradually reduced!!Many, and the number of luxurious houses around them began to shrink, and it was obvious that they were walking towards some remote part of the city.

"Dead man!"When he saw such a move as to seek the Dharma, the old man's face suddenly sank and shouted sharply.

Eyes slightly diminutive, cold and cold flash, Xiao Yan fist tightly clenched, behind the sharp wing a vibration, the flying degree suddenly rose!

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Xiao Yan took a deep breath when he caught a glimpse of the strange mucus appearing by the extremely pressed lacquer of the glaze lotus heart fire. This is a special thing he happened to have just appeared. This kind of material compressed by the fire of the glass lotus heart can explode its power in a moment!

If it were not really surprising, it would be necessary to confront the forces of terror at the level of fighting against anyone.

As the fortress entered the state of readiness, the sea of black and heavy men came in the midst of the sea of fierce fighting. In the middle of the sea of men, streams of light flew by. Obviously, these were the three strong men, and they were also the most stressful parts of the stronghold of Montenegro.

"Oh!Clowns are clowns. Keep jumping up and down. "Be careful, they're too crowded.

For those whispers below, Xiao Yan also heard some, smiled, his eyes swept to Yunshan, but his eyes became cold: "Cloud Mountain old dog, you destroy my Xiao's house, such a blood feud, if you were not that dog head, I'm afraid it would be difficult to clean up!"

Behind Kagang, that Ling 'er is also a baby tooth lightly bite red lips looking at Xiao Yan in front of him, heart mood rolling, who can think of, she did not understand that she did not know a few times say satire of the youth, now unexpectedly has such a terrible strength.

"Hai Lao and the elite of the clan have gathered here. We can join the rest of the clan and fight for life and death with Yun Lanzong only after tomorrow's order!"In the hall, the princess smiled, looking at the old man standing at the window with her hands on her back.

"This woman..."

Seeing that everything was all right, Haibodong smiled and sat up from his chair, just ready to speak, but suddenly looked, palm out of the window with a move, then a herald flew in, and finally stopped on his palm.

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