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Full of murderous face, at this moment by a strange white replaced, Han Feng eyes in horror at the opposite XiaoYan, a moment later, he almost use the strength of his whole body, just came out with an extremely appalling panic voice: "You you are not dead?!How could it be!"

Looking at the crowd on the square, Xiao Yan also can not help shaking his head, here seems to be a little too much movement?

A simple two-word exit, that is, even Han Yue slim hand is unable to resist hiding red lips, cool and pretty face, full of shock and incredible, Xuanjie advanced and ground steps, although only only a first-order difference, but the gap, but it is like the difference between heaven and earth, metaphysical fighting skills, mostly with the use of their own strength and use power, but the ground level fighting skills, but has been able to use the energy of heaven and earth to achieve destruction-like destruction, a person, a heaven and earth, these two, almost no comparability!

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Smell the words, Fan tuberculosis suddenly laughed angrily, "What a arrogant boy, Don't think suddenly the strength suddenly increased can win in the hold, I Fan tuberculosis so many years what scenes have not seen, You a little boy, Not qualified to speak with me so."Xiao Yan's mouth turned slightly, too lazy to talk nonsense with this self-confident old man, bend his fingers, the blue flames burst out from the fingertips instantly, and finally, like two long fire whips, in front of the body like a fierce throw, immediately, a hot mix of thunderbolts to ring up.

Today, from a certain degree, basically Ba Sutra is death, so Xiao Yan naturally is not worried about will be his induction, therefore, a fierce soul power instantly gushed out, directly with the most aggressive way, will Han Feng left and the soul imprint wiped away, spin and leave his own imprint, in this case, this senior Nadao ring, is the official change of lord!

Before being dragged into the ground, Xiao Yan's true strength is in four or five stars, but because of various reasons, it suddenly rose to today's Dou Wang Tanfeng, although this is also after two years, but the degree is also horrific, and this kind of simple and accurate thing, Xiao Yan is also the first experience, so in the power control, with the real fighting king strong still has a big gap, this time with Han Feng war, if he can completely control the power of the king's peak.I am afraid the batch will not be so embarrassed.They almost killed themselves in the end.

"Heavenly Fire's Three Mysterious Changes: Green Lotus Change!"

When the army arrived at Canaan College, for some reasons, Xiao Yan let Xiao Li put all his subordinates in the Canan City outside the college, but with some participating in this war, the news that the blood clan leader Fan Biao was killed by Xiao Yan spread out, the whole inner court is a little boiling up, fighting emperor strong, for them, it is a height that can only look up, but it is such strong, but Xiao Yan hands, even the bones are not left down.

More and more thin consciousness, make Xiao Yan like stepping into a dark world, extremely weak murmur, with that last consciousness, quietly dissipated... In Xiao Yan consciousness into the dark that moment, its cross-legged sitting green lotus, suddenly light green, finally as if not able to bear that kind of high temperature general, unexpectedly is slowly melting with the increase of melting, the whole Qinglian quickly melt into a large group of cyan liquid, liquid spread, will Xiao Yan that ** body, completely pay "..."

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"Who is your excellency?Please give me your name too!"

In the face of the flirtation this action is extremely fierce attack, Liu Qing's face still does not have too much regret crucian passively one eye closely staring at the long sword in the eyes of too anxious to release too much, but slowly curling into a rather strange arc.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly and sighed. "They are really two very strong guys. In the inner court, except Ziyan, I'm afraid nobody can suppress them."At this point, Xiao Yan suddenly leaned over his head, stared straight at Huang Er, and said with a smile," Can you do that?"

The next battle, not too surprised Xiao Yan, from the beginning of the competition, Liu Qing's extremely aggressive momentum is the death of the opponent will be shrouded, like eagle claw-like huge palm, every attack, will be left in the middle of the road shadow, claw attack trace like the sky, no trace can be found, therefore, even if the opponent's best efforts to resist, can still appear on the body continuously some scars, and this oppressive battle lasted for nearly ten minutes or so, Liu Qing is finally burst, terror in an instant explosion, and when the people look back, is Liu Qing that stays at the throat of the opponent's claw.

This kind of fighting skill is not only rare, but also extremely difficult to practice. Xiao Yan's cultivation of flame divided into a wave ruler, even if there is medicine in the side of the teaching, that is also eat numerous sufferings, just barely reached the small success, some time ago cultivation 3000 thunder movement, that also need to experience the danger of forging body by the force of wind and thunder. If Xiao Yan had not had the heart fire protection of lotus, not to say will three thousand thunder motion to small success, even if the initial entry, is unable to enter, from this, it is enough to see that the kind of irreparable horror gap between the Xuanjie and the ground step fighting skill.

"Ho ho, rest assured, with Xiao Yan's strength, should not have any casualties, and, the inner courtyard students can experience some real life and death fighting, good for them is not small..." Su Qian waved his hand, smiled and said.

With the doldrums, the original atmosphere of some happy hall is gradually quiet down, everyone looked at the former face, looked at each other, are some doubts, finally or Sunjia as a girl's delicate mind, to Wu Hao several people make a look, then quietly exit the hall, in the exit, also gently pulled the door to go.

In the sky, many elders looked at the lower inner court after the storm dispersed. The corners of their mouths twitched for a few times. If they fought again several times, I am afraid that the inner court did not need to burst into the heart, and would be completely destroyed in this fierce battle.

Two palms touch, a gust of wind mixed with a loud noise and burst out, a series of strong cracks in the arms, in the surrounding shocked eyes, like cobweb general, hastily extended out, spread across the whole platform.

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