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phone should not be allowed in school debate

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Chapter 917 The Passage Frighteners

Dare to neglect, immediately hurriedly way.

Partly because of the previous space force, and the little doctor fairy three before that, is smooth

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The pulsar that changes in many people's complexion, Xiao Yan fist, instant is to desire that fierce soul collision together, however, do not wait for the strength to explode, its hand can be white na ring, it is suddenly flashing dazzling strong awn!

At the end of the road, gradually appeared some black spots, after a long time, the black spots approached, turned out to be a convoy, in the convoy around, there are nearly hundreds of cold stern guards closely protected, a wary eyes, constantly in the surrounding sweep, palm, is also tightly holding behind the weapon.

Xiao Yan smile, also do not refute, after a period of time contact, he also know, heaven fire respect person seems to favor this thing, see extremely heavy.

"Do you think I feel that way?" Xiao Yan helpless shook his head, way.

Flash such thoughts in the heart, Xiao Tingxun sat cross-legged, his hands just about to form a practice seal knot, the heart is a move, double fingers shake, a red bead out of the fingers now, this bead body, obviously is xiao Yan from those flame lizard people from the body to take things.


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For flame wrap all body, ZSZSZSZ becomes not falter, and body, is plunged into the sticky magma, a burst of bubbles take out room, immediately the newsletter of burst open, and seems to be endless magma world, into a dead silence again, only the black feet over the mountain, the release of the if if no light milli mans, like a light."

After a moment, Xiao Yan nodded slightly, although he had never seen scorpion

ZSZSZSZ at the moment, hands hovering above two cyan and intangible the color of fire, the flames of the permeability and the high temperature, that gets the temperature of the air, raised more than a dozen times, he watched the two fire, immediately eye solemnity at 7 eyes were taken by small medical fairy cling to old ghost, he knew that the fusion with two different fire out of anger, For the ground demon old ghost this kind of strong, actually does not have too big menacing force.


"This is a space ship for use in a space wormhole, and it's incredibly expensive, the price of each one

Taken out.

The vision of the devil old ghost is bleak and cold looking at the energy handprint that transforms into light storm and preys on, did not dodge what, his pride, does not allow him to be in the face of a mere fighting emperor, unexpectedly all want to avoid.

Feeling the sky above the sudden riot up of heaven and earth energy, the face of the devil is finally some moved, this force, has been enough to form a threat to him, did not think. That boy, to be able to reach this level, it seems that there can be no longer delay.

Nothing. And in the tunnel, as long as you stay straight, generally speaking, you'll be fine. "When

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