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"Well, Ziyan, why did you come here?Xiao Yan gave a dry cough and rubbed Ziyan's little head with a smile. Then she ran sideways into the room. When she entered the room, it was Xinfang Er, in which Sunjia and Wu Hao were among them. At this moment the three men looked at him strangely.

Worried touch forehead, a moment later, Xiao Yan tempted, or, I will help you to take a little refining pill, so that they become more delicious?This is much better than eating medicinal herbs.

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The sixth floor of the space quite large, the tower is bound to be a pale red color, a trace of strange temperature infiltration from it, make people feel a warm feeling, but here although the space is spacious, but interpersonal is less pitiful, Xiao Yan looked at the big place, but only a few lines of figures stand among them, this and the situation of the above several layers of people, there is no doubt that there is a difference between heaven and earth.

The body gradually cold feeling, medicine old and Xiao Yan's voice, almost at the same time in his heart with a solemn sound: "Soul Hall!"

All the way hurriedly arrived, about ten minutes later, Ruolin tutor's elegant pavilion is Xiao Yan's eyes, quietly relaxed a breath, footsteps accelerated, a moment later, finally came to the door, gently knocking at the wall door.

"Have you already gone?"With a sigh, the black-robed old man had to vacate himself again. He disappeared into the sky after a few glimpses of his figure.

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Chapter 528 Victimization of the Enemy

"Don't worry, now I'm a big fighter. And that kind of place is not all about using force." He waved his hand to see Xiao Yan and still hesitated. It's worth taking out two scrolls with silver shining light from my arms and said: This is a set of Qi fighting skill and fighting skill of thunderbolt attribute. The level is enough to reach the level of mysterious middle level, and the power of both is doubled even though it's mysterious skill and fighting skill in attack, it's hard to count on it.

Xiao Yan looked at Kun Er in surprise, her sensitive reaction, not like a fighting master can have, but for the mystery of Xuner, Xiao Yan is not the first time to feel so.So amazement lasts only a moment, is quickly dissipated.

Chapter 525 The Spirit of the Six Stars in War Six

A trace of blood from the corner of the mouth of the White Cheng, although there is armor to resist most of the power, but the force of the wind, still let him suffer some injuries.

The heart complain of Xiao Yan, but forget Lin Xiu Cliff and other people's strength.How many people in this inner court dare to challenge?The treatment he received was a rather special event in the whole list

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