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Although she knew where the so-called "keys" of the Xiao family were, he did not say it, because he knew that Xiao Yan would certainly be in danger once the news spread among the clan.

This Thunderbat's Sky Wing was obtained when I was (can't see) the Young Master. This thing once appeared at auction. Many people know that it was bought by the Leader of Blood Clan and Young Master. Now people are dead. If this kind of stolen goods is still recognized by Xiao Li, I'm afraid those people of Blood Clan will send people to hang immediately.

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In the wooden tray, the liquid medicine is spinning rapidly. A stream of pure and incomparable energy seeps out from the liquid medicine. At last, it is poured into Xiao Yan's body in cultivation continuously. With the passage of these pure energy, it was originally colorful liquid medicine, but now the color is changing rapidly. According to this degree, I am afraid it won't take a long time. The huge energy in the liquid medicine will be absorbed by Xiao Yan.

A line of gentle voice, but as if vitality general, so that Xiaoyan that is full of hatred and killing feelings gradually restore the past Qingming, a long time later, Xiao Yan is finally up to absorb a cold air, loosen the arms holding the waist of Kun children, on the clean and beautiful face, less a little lazy smile carried at any time in the past, more a little bit cold, at this time Xiao Yan, in the family changes under such a blow, is completely separated from the youth of the young.

"Dou Ling Dan?"You're such a lion-tongued old man?As soon as Elder Liu's voice fell, Elder Hao jumped up and opened his eyes and scolded him. That is the sixth-grade elixir. How can you practice it with Xiao Yan's present strength? Aren't you trying to embarrass others?

"Cough …" On one side, Elder Hao coughed easily. The old man took it as his name. It seems that Xiao Yan wants to get it. It's quite difficult.

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"Arena?What happened?"asked Xiao Yan, her eyes slightly narrowed.

"Besides, it doesn't seem so simple!"she said in a gloomy voice.


With the inner courtyard badge on her chest, Xiao Yan went into the inner court without hindrance, looking at the gradually scattered figures in the field of vision, he could not help breathing long in his heart, these two months, except Lin Xiuya a few people, Xiao Yan is no longer see the other half figure.

Come up with me."Old Yao looked up at the huge stalactite hanging upside down in the mountain. Suddenly he beckoned to Xiao Yan and flew slowly toward the huge stalactite.

With all the breath-holding gaze, Xiao Yan's fists, which contain strong and vigorous qi, finally came into contact with the thick and powerful armor. In a moment of contact and silence, it was like thunder-like explosion, exploding from the ring of war!

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