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In this kind of confrontation, this vertigo, no doubt will decide victory belonging, and with Xiao Yan nature, this deliberately created vertigo, is absolutely impossible to be abandoned by it, therefore, in Yao Shengnao was replaced by vertigo in a moment, its body is finally action!

Cold smile just fell, is a very dark color from the bloody sea of bloody hand shot out!

I'm afraid few of them will survive the storm.

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But now it is different. The heart fire and falling heart inflammation of Qinglian are refined thoroughly by Xiao Yan and controlled well. Now Xiao Yan uses two kinds of flames to fuse Buddha Anger Lotus. It is not only consumed in fighting qi or soul, which is much weaker than before, and its power is not weakened at all. Even from one aspect, there is no gap between the two kinds of fire fusion, which also makes the power of Buddha angry lotus be used to the maximum extent.

Lin Xiu Cliff and Liu Qing looked at each other, both smiled and sighed. Fortunately, they chose to stay down, otherwise, I'm afraid I wouldn't see such a shocking scene today. Two in countless ways full of various looks watching, the magma column shot out from the top of the gas refining tower suddenly condensed, spinning actually split and open, and with the magma column automatically separated, a figure slowly appeared in the sight of all the audience.

Horrible flame energy storm, almost spread from a hundred meters away, even as the sky that the two sides of the battle between the two strong, are embarrassed to move around, they know, if is affected by this thing, even with their strength, fear can not be too good.

"Be careful; there's not much noise in this fight."The voice of the old medicine reminder sounded in Xiao Yan's heart, but even though it was a reminder, there was some undisguised joy in his voice.

"Let's go!Kill him!"

"It seems that this day the burning gas tower can't keep my heart falling. Next, let's see the elders. I hope you can leave me a chance."Xiao Yan stopped staying," she said secretly. She turned around and rushed out of the heaven-burning gas-refining tower.

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With the bursting of the energy shield, suddenly, a full dozens of meters of wide blood-colored magma column, strewn from the deep hole, surging out, and finally along the surrounding energy wall, in Xiao Yan eyes in horror, severely hit the top of the top of the top!

The ability to control the falling heart inflammation distracts us from suppressing the heart fire ←, it seems that today will be in trouble."

On the Judge's Bench, the elders frowned and stared at the emergence of some unexpected energy contacts. The fighting skills on the ground level can certainly increase their power with the energy of heaven and earth. However, when they collide with the same powerful fighting skills, they are easy to appear all kinds of changes. These changes, even those who use them, were unexpected, but looking at the previous situation, it was obvious that Xiao Yan and Liu Qingattacked and devoured the fight, and there were some strange changes.

"All the grievances, this time, will be thoroughly cleared up!"

The so-called danger seeking wealth, this word, is true is true!

Chapter 614 Reappearance of the Hall of Soul

"Eight poles collapse!"

With the outpouring of the gas, Xiao Yan's face is also emerging a layer of light luster, feeling that the body than before several times more powerful fighting gas, surprise color, but also difficult to conceal appeared on his face.

Looking at the sky on the corner of the mouth hanging a joking smile Xiao Yan, Yao Sheng face is iron blue, palm tight double dagger, cold sound: "Even if there is no black water realm, you will only lose sooner or later, I do not believe, you enhance the strength of the secret method can last for how long.

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