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"If you want to upgrade the three-pattern Qingling Pill to the highest rank, you need three different flames, and between the three flame transformations, you must reach the realm of pure blue, otherwise, the failure rate is extremely high, and those who do not meet the conditions , be cautious!"


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After the two of them, green lights began to flicker one after another, but more of them were still red lights. The square was too huge, and the alchemist who received Xiao Yan's advice was limited to those around him. Some lucky pharmacists are just a few lucky alchemists, and those who are out of Xiao Yan's sight can only still stare blankly at the materials on the stone platform. Without knowing the problem, they can only continue to work hard , and joined the "Hou Tuzhi", their refining, without the slightest accident, all ended in failure.

Plain words suddenly came out from the corner. broke the silence of the atmosphere. A young second-grade pharmacist. He walked out with an indifferent face, and his calm voice made everyone in the hall look at him.

"Is it going to the Mittel family?" Xiao Yan glanced at Hai Bodong. laughed.

"Let's go." He inserted his hands into his sleeves. Xiao Yan said softly. Immediately, his face calmly faced the huge family that would once become his other home. Go slowly.

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"It depends on the situation. This possibility cannot be ruled out. This time I helped that old fellow Fa Qian. He owes me a favor. Haha." Hai Bodong smiled.

"Sister Ya Fei is also getting more and more charming and moving. It's just a pity. You left Wutan City. I don't know how many people have been hurt." Xiao Yan lightly sniffed the faint and seductive fragrance from before him. I suddenly recalled the first time I entered the auction back then. I saw the guy in the last row secretly staring at her and doing dirty things. He chuckled lightly.

Chapter 292 Refinement

Smiling and nodding, Xiao Yan pulled out the chair and sat down. He pondered for a while, then stared at Ya Fei and said, "Did I cause you some trouble before? Sorry..."

"Uh... Then come in with me." Wen Yan. Otto nodded understandingly. He turned his head towards the two guards and said fiercely, "You two didn't hear anything, do you know?"

Standing on the roof, Xiao Yan looked at the boy in gray robe who was looking up at the beam of the roof, and couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva, because the ice layer could see inside, so looking at the boy in gray robe like this, it was as if he He was staring coldly at his group of people.

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