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Distant sky, Su Qian's eyes closely at Medusa, others can not see out, he is able to notice, before the latter's foot seems to be a random kick, but really contains some murderous, very obviously, she to Han Feng that foot, is not in want to clean up the idea, and. I'm afraid really want to kill Han Feng.

"Then we can't only wait for the death of the child," said Xiao Yan, trembling slightly, murmured, in such a desperate situation there is no solution to the old skill of medicine, that is not to say

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However, looking at this situation, it seems that the explosion is also more and more violent, perhaps soon, the violent explosion will be Xiao Yan directly exploded into pieces.

And this half foot step in, also will make Han Feng far more than ordinary fighting emperor peak strong, and then cooperate with the "sea heart flame" power, I fear its combat effectiveness, has been able to really and fighting strong shoulder!

On a roof, Lin Yan, Yan Hao and other people looked down from the sky flashing down three Zi Yan, quickly came forward.

Heard, Xiao Yan heart quietly relieved a breath, hastily nodded, the falling heart has been refined by him into the source of fire, as long as their fighting gas is not exhausted, is able to continue to manufacture and use, to separate some of it out, although some consumption of fighting gas, but there is such a perfect way of coping with both sides, he has been extremely satisfied.

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Looking at the extremely confident smile on Liu Qing's face, Xiao Yan knew that the next opponent's attack, I'm afraid the real will be like he said, decided this game of victory lips tight, a while later, Xiao Yan in the full glare of the public view, deeply sucked a slightly warm air, slowly clinging fist: "Xiao Yan teach!"

"Don't worry, little girl, I won't forget your" Shaping Pill "."Xiao Yan patted Ziyan's head and coaxed him with a smile.

Earlier this old dog to Xiao Li's hand is all killing moves, if Xiao Yan came late for a moment, fear can only see Xiao Li's body, such fear, together with the previous grudge, is filled Xiao Yan's heart with surging killing, Fan tuberculosis name, has on its kill list, a blood-colored red fork.

His eyes looked at the bully figure standing like a gun in the ruins, although this originally very powerful figure, at the moment has worn out clothes, naked body, there are many traces of scorched black, the whole person and the former expert demeanor is almost completely changed a look, but this confounded body shape, did not hinder the bleep of low cheers in the grandstand earth.

"The explosive force is OK, but the follow-up is not enough" a moment, like stone like Liu Qing, but suddenly slowly open his mouth, facing Xiao Yan smile, faint way "afraid is to end"


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