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In the meridians, the fiery energy seems to be inexhaustible forever, constantly releasing streams of pure energy from it, allowing the greedy guys like cells and muscles to absorb it. \*\/\

When Xiao Yan summoned the Dou Qi Shayi, the snake men who rushed towards him were obviously flustered. It seemed that they were also very clear about what it meant to be able to summon the Dou Qi Shayi.

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Xiao Yan's brows were furrowed when he was rejected by the old man. He didn't expect this old guy to be so stubborn. From his appearance, it was obvious that he didn't know that after collecting these fragments, he would be able to get a map to find the Jinglian Demon Fire, but he However, he still refused to agree to sell it, which really made Xiao Yan a little annoyed.

Flying for nearly half a day. Halfway through, after taking thirteen Qi Hui Dan in succession. Xiao Yan finally gradually arrived at the outskirts of the Tagor Desert. Because he now needs an extremely remote and undisturbed environment. So the direction Xiao Yan was walking. Yes, the most sparsely populated area on the map.

Fingers crossed in front of him. Xiao Yan raised his head. He stared closely at Hai Bo Dong, whose face was emitting two colors of light. My heart is also slightly curious about the so-called Po Erdan. Does it have the energy to break the seal set by Queen Medusa?

"It's a little different... Moreover, with the strength of this little guy, it is impossible to control such a strong abnormal fire so skillfully!" Otto's eyes stared at the control of Xiao Yan's perception, which continued to rise. The purple fire, said solemnly.

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Between Feng Li's palms. An overwhelming small wind blade gushed out. The snake people who were madly rushing towards the island were blasted out. back. He urged: "Let's go. If you don't go, it will be too late! In my sense, another strong snake man is about to come over!"

Seeing Xiao Yan's figure, everyone in the hall hurriedly stepped back a few steps, and then all rushed to Rob's side.

"Uh..." Recalling the severe pain caused by swallowing the strange fire, Xiao Yan's smiling face stiffened, and his rosy complexion became pale again. He sighed in fear and said, "That kind of pain is really terrifying. If the strange fire was successful at that time, I am afraid that even my soul will be burned into nothingness."

Chapter 218: A Thousand Miles Escape

"Second brother, you underestimate the enemy..." Pointing at Xiao Li with the tip of the spear, Xiao Yan said softly with a smile.

Raising his head in astonishment, Xiao Yan looked at the two figures that appeared above his head, his pupils suddenly shrank, and after a while, his throat rolled and swallowed.

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