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Compared with refining pills, there is almost a gap between heaven and the earth. It may take a long time to make elixir. But for him, this pill is just like a hand-raising effort. Less than an hour's time is to refine all the medicinal materials in the jade box into a thumb-sized pill. In consideration of Ziyan's bitter taste, Xiao Yan also adds some special seasoning to it, making it the same as sugar pills.

Xiao Yan in the fire lotus cast out, the body is also facing the ground quickly to go, the eye sarcastic look at that still appear a faint stunned goose falling into the sky, hand seal knot move, mouth spit lightly: "burst!"

"Ho ho, Mr. Xiao Yan and Yun Lanzong are really getting stronger now, but it doesn't seem to conflict with us directly."Xiao Yan said that the first thing to open was the dead night sitting gracefully next to the day of execution. At this moment, this (ir beautiful Empress of the Future, glancing at the day next to him, smiled and said:" But as royalty, we naturally do not want to see one side too powerful, even leading to street imbalance, so if Mr. Xiao Yan is sure to deal with Yun Lanzong, perhaps the royal family can give some help to look at the woman who has some ingenuity in his speech. Xiao Yan shook his head with a smile, but suddenly he said, "Some time ago, when I went back to the Kama Empire, I happened to see a vice-leader of Yunlan Sect, and that elder was waiting for him to seize the leader of the army.""

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Sword Gang just left the sword. There was a deep sound in the black fog. Then the black fog surged and devoured the sword spirit. At last, it spread to the cloud. The black fog was surging, and a powerful energy poured toward the cloud.

Haibo east nodded, behind the snow-white ice wing surface, then suddenly swept out, towards Xiao Yan's location lightning-like rush away.

Nalan Yan silently nodded, the heart is also partial sad.

Those who are more powerful than the shoulders?

In the middle of the valley, a black-robed figure hung in the air, and now, with his hands flying out of complex fingerprint complex, and as it moves faster and faster, finally even a few remnants appear.

Mammoths, who had some regulations in those days, still run the Herbalist Association of the Kama Empire three years later.

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"Who knows she's really returning it or not, and if you're killed by tonight's meeting alone, it's really over if you're coming back tomorrow.'said Medusa, turning her lips.

After half an hour's journey, the carriage was smooth through that heavily heavily heavily guarded imperial city, and dismounted, Xiao Yan two people did not stay too much, directly followed the death night fast into the imperial city inside the huge mountain back, finally, in the top of a huge stop outside the steps.

Xiao Yan dumbness, then helplessly nodded.

"Well, I'd rather say that.Third Brother means to invite everyone to join, so as to form an alliance, this alliance.With all the strength to protect its members, the so-called glory, loss, to put it bluntly, the three imperial families, in this Gama Empire indeed has some sort of power, but in this northwest region, but there is no half-silk language power, and after the formation of this alliance, you three families.Surely it will be stronger than ever before. The third brother's proposal is not for one man.You, too, are able to get something you never had before."Xiao Ding smiled a little, but opened his mouth softly.

Smell, Xiao Yan face suddenly stiff, suddenly some sense neck a cold, this woman still want to take his head back to handle?

Seeing that moment is the collision of dharma and medicine, cloud mountain's gloomy eyes slowly turn to Xiao Yan.

"Be careful. This is the only weapon of Golden Wild Goose Sect. The Wild Goose Feather Ring is very tricky and vicious. It's more powerful when used in conjunction with their skill."Seeing the weapons in their hands, Yuexiang's cheeks changed slightly, and quickly reminded them.

Seven fighting kings, two emperors, such a terror squad, once again make the city ring a sound of cool breath, this force of Yunlanzong, really extremely terrible, it seems that even today is Xiao Yan strong return, it is difficult to occupy how much upper hand.

Smell words, the anti-inflammatory eyes suddenly opened up, a rude angry scolding, who wore a white dress at that time of the kind-hearted girl, left an extremely deep impression on him, and his weird system, as well as the need to take poison to maintain life's way of life, even more anti-phlogistic unforgettable, therefore, hearing each other's words, science is angry up.

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