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In the dark eyes, the cyan flames were reflected, Xiao Yan looked at the huge flame that stayed in front of him, his throat rolled slightly, and at a certain moment, he clenched his teeth violently, and the arm covered by the blood-colored cuticle slowly inserted into it. Enter this group of Qinglian Earth Heart Fire.

Being stunned by the little girl's sensitive emotions, Xiao Yan sighed lightly when he looked at Qinglin's timid appearance. He had heard before that near the Tagor Desert, there were occasionally human women. In the case of being insulted by snake people, according to common sense, snake people and human beings are generally not pregnant. However, nothing is absolute, there is always a very rare chance that a woman who has a relationship with snake life will become pregnant and give birth. son…

"Let's go, let's go and see Big Brother first, he has been waiting for you for a long time." After saying that, Xiao Li grabbed Xiao Yan, and before he could say hello to Xue Lan, he turned and rushed into the hall.

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"Little guy, within an hour and a half, you must go back!" Just as Xiao Yan's head was a little dazed and followed the fire spirit snake in front of him, Yao Lao's solemn voice suddenly sounded in his heart.

Discover the mystery of these purple liquids. Xiao Yan's heart. There is a huge gap between the fighter and the fighter. Got some clarity again. Immediately, a sigh was born.

I noticed the kudzu leaf that was rushing towards him. Under the black robe. A cold drink was heard. The body spun strangely in mid-air. And then like a ghostly shadow. Passing shoulder to shoulder with Ge Ye.

"Well, your induction is not wrong, it is indeed!" Mention this, the woman in Tsing Yi's eyebrows were filled with joy, nodded and smiled.

He slightly tilted his head to avoid this little guy's naughty behavior. Xiao Yan smiled. Immediately, he whispered in a dignified voice: "Teacher... Do you think she has already restored Queen Medusa's memory?"

"Haha. Naturally I can't have that thing." He smiled and shook his head. Otto looked at Xiao Yan, whose face became disappointed again, and couldn't help but smile: "But I seem to have seen this kind of thing from some weird guy."

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"Hehe. Little Brother Xiao. Hmm...that...Since you are looking for the Ice Spirit Cold Spring, then how strange it is. You must be aware of it, right?" Gut said with a smile.

"There's something going on here."

"That little guy...what is he doing?" He frowned at Xiao Yan. Frank asked suspiciously.

As the power of the soul spreads wider and wider. Xiao Yan frowned. But it got more and more wrinkled. After half an hour. There was no success for him. He had to gather the power of the soul that had spread and bring it back. Then carefully scan the surrounding environment.

"Qinglin, are you sure you are here?" Xiao Yan looked at the flat desert in front of him with a stunned expression. In the vast desert, there are almost countless numbers. It is difficult for Xiao Yan to imagine that there are traces of "different fire" in this inconspicuous place?

"Hey, yes." The few mercenaries seemed to be not too impressed with the Mo family, and they all agreed with a low smile. Standing behind the team, listening to the conversation between several mercenaries, Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a light smile, "This is really a coincidence, that old bastard is just celebrating his birthday."

After avoiding Xiao Yan's attack, the lead snake man still felt a little unsafe.

"Well, although this little guy has an excellent talent for refining medicine, no matter how good the jade is, it is difficult to become a great tool without careful carving... His mysterious mentor is very amazing, since you are young, if I were to replace it with me. The two come to teach Xiao Yan. It is absolutely impossible to achieve this kind of effect." Otto said with a sigh.

Almost broke through a dozen magma columns to attack like lightning. "Xiao Yan" instantly appeared above the Fire Spirit Snake's body. A heavy ruler was wrapped in a white flame in his hand. Continuously smashed on top of its huge body. And with the heavy ruler swinging down every time. The fiery red scales on the body of the Fire Spirit Snake are strong enough to resist the high temperature of the lava. It will break apart piece by piece...

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