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The three green lights are slightly lighter on the left and slightly better on the right, while the green light beam in the middle is already as green as emeralds, and its color is extremely attractive.

"Haha. Yes." He nodded. Nalan Jie suddenly turned to Nalan Yanran. He frowned and said, "That person from Yun Lanzong this morning. Did they urge you to go back?"

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Looking at Yan Li who laughed out loud. Xiao Yan just shrugged calmly. The little princess's pretty face was slightly gloomy. And Liu Ling. It's a livid face. As a disciple of King Dan. It was the first time he had been looked down upon like this.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan nodded, his leaning body bent slightly, and when the soles of his feet landed, his palms were also lightly attached to the tile, landing perfectly, except for the slightest sound, even the fragile tile, Not one bit broken.

And the vague aura that Xiao Yan sensed earlier was quite similar to what the old man possessed back then... Therefore, Fa Yan suddenly lost his temper.

"You feel wrong..." The girl said in a flat and indifferent voice. But there is a faint sense of resentment.

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Chapter 318 Failure

"I must not let him win the championship!" Liu Ling looked at Xiao Yan and the little princess and said solemnly.

three years. It also made the young boy who was young at the time. Become mature and stable. The farce when the Xiao family broke off their marriage. In his view now. Funny indeed. very funny. Can be biased. But there was not much of the anger of the year.

After refining the materials, Xiao Yan took advantage of the cooling time of the materials to turn his head and look in the direction of the gray-robed youth.


"Be quiet." The icy voice was slightly mixed with imperceptible anger, making three people in the room. All were a little astonished. Immediately, it was helplessly quiet.

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