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Turned in the periphery, Xiao Yan did not find a strain of herbs he needs, at the moment some disappointed shook his head, looked at the dark interior, after a while, or chose to obediently go back, with his present strength, in this dangerous monster mountain range, basically is everywhere crisis.

"Well. Wolf sellsword regiment in qingshan town exhibition for more than ten years, the core members are about seventy to eighty, their strength, most of them are between two stars to five stars in the dou, Wolf sellsword regiment has three heads. One of them, Harmon, has died at your hands, so there are only Mu-snake and Gun-Mu left..."

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Sudden sound, let willow mat body suddenly a stiff, face suddenly change, difficult to turn over.

"The Lion mountain crack!

"What a lot of fire." Feel the movement of purple fire, Xiao Yan could not help exclaim.


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Look at xiao Yan's move, Xiao Yu qiao face a nasty, hands long whip just want to roll back, the girl's light voice, but let her action stagnation down: "Xiao Yu cousin, believe xiao Yan brother, he is not rash, not sure, he will not take the initiative to provoke."

"Oh, all right." Looking at a full face of "pain" jia Libi, Liu mat had to unwilling nod, the vision once again obscene in the smoke son that exquisite body posture swept, this ability reluctant to part with Jia Libi left square city.

Kaori's cold attitude did not change the young man's face. He shrugged his shoulders, put away his water cup and smiled: "Today's recruitment test, if it were not for kaori's help, I am afraid we would be busy. It is really a trouble."

After a moment, Xiao Yan face expressionless recovered the fighting spirit, it is light sigh in the heart, it seems that the secret law that fuming son needs to use last night is really very energy consumption, now her body, almost has only a few thin fighting spirit in circulation, obviously, this is the sequela that the kind of secret law place causes.

"What is it? Curiously, he leaned over his head. Xiao Yan asked.

Micro narrowing eyes, eyes in the attic around some of the dark corners of the sweep, keen soul perception let Xiao Yan know that they are all the people here, are hidden in the dark guard all eyes.

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