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"The guy's name is Yao Sheng, Liu Qing which gang, the usual Liu Fei is a bit of thought, last time heard Liufei and you after the conflict, Is to want to find you trouble, But it was Liu Qing temporarily stopped down, Don't look down on this guy, Although it seems a little sissy, But the strength is not weak, Strong list, He ranked 17, Strength than Bai Cheng also strong, Now compared at least in the seven stars fight around it."Lin Yan turned his head slightly, smiling at Xiao Yan.

The reason why the battle circle here is able to attract dogs in most of the arena is because of the beauty and momentum of the young girls.

Xiao Li smiled bitterly and said, "Now that the Desert Iron Corps is almost completely finished, Xiao's family is a little better, but it's also badly damaged. The strength is no longer back in the past."

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But heaven and earth energy inexhaustible, but that kind of mottled energy after the internal refining, can absorb is only a rather small amount, and this quantity, for the moment in the Jin Xiao Yan, no doubt is a cup of water.

"It's natural to be there."

With the rapid narrowing of the light spot, the congealed weight on the face of the old medicine must have been full-bodied at any time before.

Walking slowly to the depth, along the way, Xiao Yan slightly surprised to appear, the cultivation room on the sixth floor, although the appearance is much more exquisite than the upper five layers, but it seems that the number is nearly half of the drop, this, Xiao Yan slightly pondered, but it is a bit suddenly, each session qualified to enter here to cultivate students, after all, is a few, so do not need too much cultivation room idle down.

Xiao Yan sarcastic smile, his body and bones not so weak, right?


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"Hey hey, head, there are some things for you," said Artest. "Yesterday I took leave to go to the outer courtyard, but I heard someone was looking for you in a hurry."

The little girl's move, immediately will Xiao Yan horrified soul, this" ice fire dragon beard fruit "he just found, if she bite, when he can meet the second?

Xiang Er sighed softly. In the Kama Empire, there would be such a cruel hand against the Xiao Family. I am afraid that it would be difficult to have any other influence except Yun Lanzong.

"Haibodong?Hai Lao?"Xiao Yan froze a little, a cold-faced old man's face, slowly appeared in his mind, suddenly nodded slightly, took a touch of gratitude in his heart, Haibodong took out the remaining Xiao family, but this kindness is not small, in the future, I am afraid to return well to others.

"Qi, boy really itchy, that is Xiao Yan senior woman, depending on you still want to be close to others:" A seemingly older college, glancing at the sound next to the new students, sneer.

On his forehead, cold sweat dripped down, Xiao Yan touched his forehead in a daze, half-rang, and suddenly stared at Ziyan: "Little devil, do you want to kill me?"

For Xiao Yan degree of terror, Bai Cheng has long been taught, Wen therefore at any time in the heart is to maintain vigilance, the heart so in Xiao Yan body shape just move the moment.Pavilion body is suddenly tight up, the hands of the long gun by the deep yellow fighting air was shrouded, then ferociously appeared in front of Xiao Yan stabbing away.

A few hundred meters away from the inner court, Xiao Yan was careful to withdraw Ziyun Wing.His figure fell in a dense forest, and after seeing no one in all directions, he ran away at the inner courtyard, which had been able to see some vague outline.

"Isn't it Yun Lanzong's job?"said Aroma in a low voice.

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