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The smile on his face faded away slowly. A moment later, the flute raised her head and smiled softly. The laughter was full of grief and anger. Under his desolate laughter, Xiao Yu and tears rolled straight down.

"Cackle, fool."By her side, the little girl looked at Xiao Yan's behavior and burst into laughter. The childish laughter lingered in the corridor.

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Thanks to your liquid medicine.Now the fire poison has been removed.Lin Yan and smoking a greeting, randomly looking for a chair to sit down, now his eyes almost have the trend of dissipation of red fire, and a few months ago that red, completely different and with the removal of fire poison, Lin Yan's temperament, but also less grumpy point, more normal calm.The breath depends on the strength of a lot of progress

For these endless stream of challenges, originally according to Xiao Yan before that somewhat lazy nature.Surely he'll find another excuse to hide.But this time, perhaps because of family changes, the whole person became a bit cold Xiao Yan.But surprisingly, no challenge has been rejected.Instead, it is stunning to build a challenge arena at the mouth of Yin Gate. Every day, five people will be selected from the stack of challenge letters, and then face up to the challenge!

Do you also know what you like, to the net name this category, ordinary property natural stone is hard to move, on the contrary, some can promote cultivation of things, to the net name has a huge attraction.Although that guy is stingy, he is also obsessed with cultivation. If you can bring out items that are beneficial to his cultivation, I think he will be moved.Elder Hao thought.

After clamping Xiao Yan's palm, the little girl in white moved her mouth, like a child-like childish voice, with a point of indifference in the room rang up, even, I don't know whether it was an illusion, Xiao Yan felt this childish voice, unexpectedly a little bit murderous...

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Hey hey, it's said that Xiang 'er Xuemei doesn't pay any attention to Liu Qing in the arena. Now she gives tea and water and Xiao Yan. She has two hands.Quickly take tea, Lin Yan is facing Xiaoyan thumbs up, can let so excellent girls listen to, this means but Lin Yan some admiration.

In the body, like fire burning feeling but I do not know when a lot of light, so again for a long time, the burning pain finally is quietly fade away, and with the disappearance of the burning pain, Xiao Yan's trance spirit is also suddenly sober up over, the mind god hurried to glance at the body, it is startled now, originally covered in the color of the body has completely disappeared, the body bones, channels, and so on, faintly scattered faint fluorescence, looks like white jade general, such a look, it seems that there is infinite power hidden in it.

Chapter 528 Victimization of the Enemy

"Panmen?Xiao Yan's forces?"In an area of the arena with a good view, several figures leaned against the railing, looking down at the battle, and one of them had to hear a sound, and one of them was not surprised.

Having heard this from Elder Hao, Xiao Yan sighed with disappointment and smiled bitterly. "Since you don't have anything to say, forget it."

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