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The distance, Xiao Yu seems to be aware of something, turn over, looking at the tree under the Xiao Yan, slightly one leng, immediately frown, beauty eyes in a brush disdain and disgust.

"You have some conscience."

And under the temptation of rare herbs everywhere, Xiao Yan's mind that want to practice the idea of refining medicine, but it is suddenly ready to move, so xiao Yan every day in the time, it is also a small half, specially used to practice refining medicine.

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In the quiet small room, listening to the information of the maid outside, the white woman in the house is carefully configured with powder, jade hand slightly quiver, the configuration of powder in the vial, suddenly failed.

Three groups of people strutted through the hall, and the rest of them backed down as they passed. There was hardly any other force in The city of Utan that would bother the three families.

At this point, the above xiao war is also show xiao Yan's embarrassment, flash on the face of a wipe of anger, to the side of the old man frown way: "two elders, you..."

Smell of speech, Xiao Yan pleased smile, palms again touched the eagle wings, but this time, but no attack, purse purse, Xiao Yan's internal struggle, along the scroll Syria track in the body slowly run up, a moment later, the flow of struggle to the arm, gradually into the palm of the hand.

"This is the first time I've baked something, and even if it doesn't taste good, you have to finish it, or when I reply..." Looking at Xiao yan's expression, Lanzhi's red lips slightly turned up and raised a roasted fish on her hand. In the light words, the threat was self-evident.

And in xiao Yan front foot just walk. More than ten mercenaries, is from the stone chamber rushed out. Looking at the ground on the face of pale mu Li, can not help but a full face of horror, strength in the six stars of the little colonel, actually will be defeated by the boy? This is in front of the cruel reality, so that all people have a moment of dull.

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With the sound, a figure shrouded in a black cloak, under the eyes of everyone, slowly crossed into the hall.

See Xiao yan nod, two elder again helpless one sigh, waved a hand, at the time that draw back, with the voice of only two people low shout way: "remember to me, point to!"

Gallebi sat on the chair and stared at the smiling Xiao Zhan with his eyes dark and malicious. "Bastard, if it hadn't been for the last time by this guy, how could my Galleyed family have ended up in such an embarrassing situation?"

After this woman appears, Xiao Yan can now, some young students inside the tent, the vision is quietly blazing up, hope to her vision, there is actually a kind of inexplicable sincere feeling.

Of course. That rules out the need for the old man to help.

"You know. On the continent, the strong have the rules of the strong, that woman as, is no doubt violated the invisible rules, after all, there were a lot of strong, are from the empire... So, the thing is such explosion, one after another strong to find that woman revenge. But one by one they fall. Oh, the strong ones. At the lowest level, at least douling, high, and even one of the nine stars who will enter the level of Douzong." Say, medicine old stall stall hand, way: "unfortunately, all hang in that woman's hand."

Gu Ni smiled and said: "If for me, I'm afraid when he went to the third, can not help but promise down, you can insist to the fifth, has been very beyond my expectation."

To know, the temper of the struggle, the foundation is particularly difficult to repair, the initial stage of the ten sections of the fight of the gas, spend ten years, or even twenty years of people, and there is no lack of a few... Of course, once you become a real fighter, your degree of cultivation will be greatly accelerated. Before you become a fighter, a year may only increase your fighting spirit, but after you enter the fighter, you may be able to storm a few stars in a year.

Smell speech, sneer in Xiao Yu, suddenly face livid.

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