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Looking at Xiao Yan that suddenly become hot up the eyes, Su Thousand like also know what he wants in the heart, he slightly put his hand, beckoning him a little an not impatient.

As soon as the two men made a move, the faint thunder was heard, and immediately the black figure appeared in front of them, and his fists flew straight out. The amazing hot wind that exploded between them made the two men's faces change and meet each other in a hurry.

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Han Feng this fall, not only the su Qian face more gloomy, even behind the many old dean, but also eyes anger straight out, a fierce face of the former, look at that appearance, seems to have a group and attack of the plan.

Eyes slowly swept over the bamboo on the red font, Xiao Yan face color is also more and more thick. The so-called puppet technology he has heard of once and could not believe it to be so magical.

Check the dense dark gray raindrops drop from the sky, and in that rain screen, a black awn suddenly break through the air and now, sharp jianqi, direct shoot small doctor fairy!

Said, also do not wait for Xiao Yan and others to talk, the two complexion disdainful old man, but a frown, quite

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The Xia Mang quiet atmosphere for a long time, finally is gradually during the eye some hesitation swept sweep, immediately, upon the moving j the han, eyes again became hot, bitten to grind teeth, a shrill screams, came from the di, and countless snakes, on either side of the canyon in heard fortune, screams, hesitated slightly, eyes blend fierce mountain again, A twist of the body, like a series of sharp arrows, chuff into the motorcade again.

Today's magic valley, should be so many years in the most lively time, in the mouth of the black Horn domain valley, dense magic valley guards holding bright huang JI weapons, if not hold invitations, miscellaneous people, etc., are not allowed to enter, so also lead to the mouth of the valley, lined up a long queue.

(the first more, continue to code the second more, in addition, monthly ticket again by, a little small sadness, this month potato is not enough effort yao ……………

Xiao Yan nodded slightly, the small doctor fairy and others do not know where, but should not go out

I'm afraid it would be difficult to compete with any other contemporaries who meet Hong Chen today if they don't have some special cards. Unfortunately, xiao Yan is not among them."

Before! Before! The hot metal solution fell on the corpse, and "a faint smell of smoke came out, but where the solution touched the skin, there was no sign of damage. After a series of previous refining, the puppet's body strength had now reached a very strong point.

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