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The red moon awn appeared in a flash. Before the mercenary had time to see what the red awn was, he suddenly burst out on the abyss with a sound like thunder.

The words out. The tent was suddenly quiet. Startled eyes turned momentarily to the boy who was laughing. A year or so? At this moment. Everyone seemed to think there was something wrong with their ears. It's not unheard of to see... But this is just starting school. Just ask for a year... Such a thing. Since Canaan College was founded. Seems like a first.

"Oh." She nodded her head a little white, and the doctor hurled the flame away into the darkness.

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Look at xiao Yan that pair of envy of appearance, medicine old hey hey smile, face flashed a sly smile, the voice is suddenly a turn: "different fire for you, still very far away, now, your biggest hope, or pray yourself as soon as possible to become a fighter."

The body curled up in a hidden jungle, Xiao Yan frowning at the below not far from the mercenary crowd, here is into the main road of warcraft mountains, although the mercenary and many of the usual contacts, but today, Xiao Yan is faint feel something is wrong.

In the battle of air on the continent, regardless of skills and fighting skills, xuanjie and ground, the gap between that, are like a world of difference, not in the same breath, and now this only xuanjie senior eight collapse, unexpectedly known in the attack, can be comparable to the ground fighting skills, how this does not let Xiao Yan shock.

"I heard who did it. It was the boy they put a price on."

Standing outside the tent, Rob waited a few minutes, and then the curtain was lifted, and the girl with the indifferent face stepped slowly out.

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Took out the jade nose that took out quite become forked up, the heart that Xiao Mei just despairingly, it is quietly lively get up, wipe the tear that is about to drop, bei tooth is biting red lip gently, of pitiful hope that come over xiao Yan, hope he can help oneself.

Xun son pursed her small mouth and smiled, swearing like a judge.

Listen to the fumigant son remind, Xiao Yu willow eyebrows micro wrinkle, partial over, as expected is to see some changes in the face of the Xiao War is hurrying over.

Conveniently took over the black card, Xiao Yan jokingly way: "small niner wear so beautiful want to do? Have plans with someone else?"

"Naran said faintly, fingering a strand of hair.

The elegant concubine on the stage, who was also somewhat shocked by Xiao Zhan's courage, hesitated and asked with a smile, "Is there anyone who has raised the price?"

The price of 65 thousand yuan is also the market price of some zhuji Ling liquid, but Xiao Zhan also knows that in the bidding of the three families, it is obviously impossible to successfully buy the liquid at a low price.

With the strength of Xiao Yan at this time, alone against an eight-star, although the odds are quite large, but this is to exclude the premise of the other side without a helper, look at the current situation, want to successfully kill the eight-star. We have to deal with the other mercenaries first.

Open demon ape's head, a scattered xu some cold ground Snow White magic core, appeared in the line of sight of Xiao Yan.

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