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Wu Hao's blood sword is suddenly magnified in his eyes. At this moment, he has no other way but to close his eyes and wait to die... "

"But, I see, how do you escape next?! "

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After such an endless rush of horses, about after a day, Xiao Yan three people are gradually close to the location of the black imperial city, and as the distance from the black imperial city closer and closer, Xiao Yan is also some surprised now, that the road leading to the black imperial city on the road, began to more and more people, obviously, these people should also be aimed at the auction of black imperial city and go.

"Scorpio Monster, with your present strength, is not able to resist the erosion of the blood of evil... so, goodbye."Little medical immortals gazed at the constant spouting of blood at the Wo Bi Yan, slowly and slowly.

Bend a gentry, directly on the head of the centipede, will shake fainting past, black shadow light glance glances, then a finger suddenly a force, directly this centipede body crush, and with the flow of the green blood, a small roll of paper was rolled into a small tube, but also quietly out.

Under the urging of these two conditions, Qi Shan would just bite his teeth and endure heartache. He took the only stored Dou Lingdan out of the spoon. Qishan's behavior was obviously surprised by Yao Fang Master and Yan Lao beside him. They never thought they could occupy the temple on this old man; it was cheap. The two looked at each other at each other, and it was a little awkward.

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"Is that so?"The iron dharma also gave a cold smile. Then the voice was cold to Bi Yan of Scorpio and said," Hold her first. When I count the soul of the strong poison clan, I will accept her again! "As soon as the words fell, the iron dharma's palm moved violently, and the two black chains circling around him suddenly shot out. In an instant, it would cut through the sky. That degree was dazzling.

However, for Xiaoyan this refining herbalist, it is more important with medicinal materials, after all, as long as the medicinal materials in hand, pill naturally can be refined out."

Of course, the premise of all this is still depends on the sky above the two battleground -, if Medusa and small medical immortal victory words, then naturally today's ending is not to say r, poison sect will succeed in annexing Scorpio Gate, become the most powerful force in the cloud empire, and Xiao Yan is also able to achieve his wish, successfully capture a soul hall strong person, from its whims to know and soul temple related news.

Fierce shooting, the two shadows also flash down, then directly join forces to attack Wu Hao away, and the latter is also hastily all-out match, for a while, Xiong; $ fighting and outburst, fierce sword light, the earth on the ground is directly lifted up a layer.

Rampant laughter reverberated in the valley, and many young girls were pale, although most of them had some background, but this background did not have much effect in the chaos of the Black Corner.

At the urging of Medusa, Little Medical Fairy nodded helplessly and seemed to think of something. Suddenly, a seductive crimson appeared on her cheeks, her teeth biting her red lips. "You go out and wait outside the stone forest."

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