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Xiao Yan nodded faintly, and saw him nod, the eyes of the Murbas suddenly flash ferocious, fists suddenly clenched, the strong muscles above the arm wriggled, so that the two dark python tattoos seemed to be alive, releasing a ferocious fervor.

Xiao Yan smiled and looked into contact with the two of Xiao Ding. Then she found a chair beside them and sat down. "I don't know what's going on here?" Xiao Yan said with a faint smile."

Taking advantage of the gap between the recovery of qi in the body, Xiao Yan's eyes are also directed at the battle circle where the old medicine and the dharma are located. This is the first time Xiao Yan saw that old medicine really uses soul body to fight with people. Although the soul body can't use fighting qi, but the majestic soul force is not inferior to the fierce force of fighting qi. Moreover, it is invisible and colorless. It is strange and unpredictable to attack.

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They stood quietly in the dark, waiting for a certain time when the two strong diabolists crossed and exposed the empty period, their shape suddenly turned into a black line, as quickly as lightning into the city, and finally, the shape of the body, it was into the shadow of a house.

Suddenly came the heavy blow, directly make the scar man's face extremely pale, a mouthful of blood spurted from the sky.He fell down like a dead dog, and it took more than ten meters on the street to slowly stop.As a result of this sudden change, it is also made the street instantly quiet down, countless people astonished at the sudden turn into dead dog-like scar man, a little bit in the mind can not turn to bend.

"What's the matter?"Turning quickly, she asked in dismay.

Suddenly came the army, also make the square of Yunlan elder brother, who feel the murderous air, the complexion is a little white, these people, really intend to kill Yunlanzong not to leave?

Chapter 673 Dark Sea Dragon Beast

Xiao Ding lay slowly on the back of his chair and exclaimed a long breath. "Today's disaster can be solved at last."..."

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Touching that somewhat frightening white, he finally realized that he was a disaster star, will disaster to those beside the voice of disaster star, then, good can have what use?Goodness to treat others, to see others dying in the most painful way before them, is it good or cruel?

Chapter 668 Emergence

Xiao Yan frowned slightly.These three people have cultivated the "Three Beasts Barbarbarous Decision" to the point of pure fire, and their power is transmitted as freely as they like.

A 20-year-old emperor fighting strong person, think of this, even with a dead night of calm, but also have a momentary absence, this guy, really horrible...

As the most close to the inner court of the black corner region city, Fengcheng in Han Feng died, is no other forces dare to enter here, so just by Xiao Li seized a vacancy, in the city with bloody means to clean up some of the resistance forces, is completely took over the city.

Seeing Medusa's momentum, the eye pupil of the wild goose falling into the sky shrank slightly. It was worthy of being able to contend with the pervert of Poison Sect. He thought he was not as good as himself, but fortunately, he was not alone today."

Where the fist falls, a dark shadow appears eerily, the two fists intertwine, like the essence of the strong ripples from all directions spread out, and finally in the sky with a sound like thunder-like muffled.

Seeing Xiao Yan so, Haibodong had to sigh, looked up at the battle under the black cloud, fist clench, to his friendship with Xiao Yan, naturally it was hard to watch the old drug arrested, so really to that point, he can only try this old bone.

"I'm sorry."" Looking at Xiao Yan's ferocious rage on her face, Yun Yun Bei's teeth clenched on her red lips and shook her head slowly. She knew that such a move hurt Xiao Yan a lot, but she was the leader of Yun Lanzong. The idea that she had been indoctrinated when she was a child made it impossible for her to abandon it.

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