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"Wrong again."

Line of fighting skills hall, Xiao Yan first with the interest of the son went to the back of the hill for an afternoon, until the sky is getting dark, it just returned to his nest.

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Listening to xiao Ning's determination, Xiao Yu silence for a long time, mercilessly cut one eye constantly gasping for breath of Xiao Yan: "the original this little bastard early jin into the fighter, do so have to rely on."

"Oh?" Xiao Zhanyi zheng, the smile on his face gradually converged, frowned, hesitantly asked: "You are not going to apply for Canaan College? It's one of the most famous colleges in the world, and it would be very good for you if you could get in."

Xiao Yan will be the source of a soft arrangement. Then Yunzhi became absorbed. Put those from xiao Yan inside the body. Permeate the purple energy of the earth in all directions.

"With the amethyst source, can not use so long time, moreover, you are not necessarily to reach the amethyst king inside the purple fire of the degree, with your strength, if the purple fire really cultivated to that point, I am afraid immediately will be purple fire to burn ashes, not enough strength, playing with fire, is the end of the **." Lao Yao shook his head and said thoughtfully, "Maybe, in a month, you should be able to use the burning resolution and try to swallow the purple fire."

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Because the refining of medicine is a long time, a long time of refining, extremely consumption of qi, therefore, every outstanding refining pharmacist, in fact, is a strong horizontal flame fighter!

The spear suddenly stomped heavily on the ground, and Mushe sneered. The air gauze clothes on the body surface began to dissipate gradually, while the fine iron lance began to be covered with layers of thick blue air.

"Go!" Knock down Mu Li, Xiao Yan forbore the temptation that hit him on the spot, a quick decision pulls the small doctor fairy after death. And then bolted out of the cave without looking back.

Chapter 88 closes

Sitting on the chair, looking at xiao Yan's neat back, Ya Fei shook her head with a bitter smile and sighed: "This little guy, the means of action and age are simply too unlined, that old guy, Gabi, I'm afraid I really want to fall this time..."

"You..." A face of anger, Xiao Ning clenched his fist, and then slowly relaxed, sneering: "Don't be complacent, this time you hurt me, I really have to thank you, but for this period of quiet, I am afraid I can not touch the ninth section of the fight of the gas, at most seven days, I can enter the ninth section of the fight of the gas! When that happens, it may not be who itches!"

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