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In xiao Yan a few people into the space wormhole that moment, the line of sight suddenly a black, the body suddenly

Under this quiet and heavy atmosphere, that huge black energy vortex cover, slowly become dilute, then, among them the ground demon old ghost, appear again in xiao Yan and other people's vision gaze below.

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See the devil old ghost action, Su Qian face slightly a sink, but its body just want to have some action, figure in front of is weird flash and now, Han Feng that smiling voice rang up work "Su Qian elder, your opponent is me, so still don't go and other people's things o ba.

Thousands of elderly did not stay in the courtyard for long, is again as they appear in general, quietly disappeared, and in this regard, Xiao Yan and others in addition to yuan language and no other emotions, high people always have high style is not...

Therefore, Xiao Yan must be in the next time. Will all the cards, ready to **, so that he can in the middle of that piece of tin kuo dando mainland bu, have the bottom heart

Xiao Yan shout just fell, a fishy wind is shot out after the stone door, fierce wind, straight before the Su Qian.

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Small doctor fairy light stand void, a white skirt gently fluttering, will draw the outline of that attractive figure if hidden if now, very moving, a head like snow long hang down to the side of the willow waist that ying ying holds, with that pair of grey purple double eyes, a strange evil spirit, arise naturally, make many people eyes are having extraordinary color flash. This devil incarnate, at the moment of her eyes, was particularly angry, he knew that the little d of the strength is stronger than he is on a line, she protects the ZSZSZSZ, basic is difficult to attack on his success, thought of here, he looked hin dharma location, only now, afraid of is also can only hope the latter can resist ZSZSZSZ as bizarre, r not words. "Today."

Stood up from the car, ZSZSZSZ gently twisted twist arm, between a faint sound of slight pain feeling, make him a wry smile, at the moment, he is almost the most weak, he had had for so many years, of course, * * although the weak, but if really want to malicious words, what is hard to get into the good fruit to eat, not to mention the hidden in the ring of the demon after, Even Xiao Yan himself, it is not as vulnerable as it appears, after all, he is a fighter at the same time, but also a quality is not low lianhe medicine, its soul power, even compared with some of the strong Douzong, is not inferior.

So be careful, don't blame to mo day for small medical fairy, he also has some understanding and know the latter a poisonous meritorious unfathomable, one not careful, I'm afraid that was on her way, she previously body burst the scene, he is to see clearly, even though there is she badly hurt, but to be toxic, is also to be reckoned with.

With the Wolf huo Spirit's approach, the black cloud suddenly like frightened like a lot of contraction, the kind of shrill cry, but also appeared a short quiet.

Feel the body of such - change, Xiao Yan eyes could not help but emerge with a shock, just by virtue of a is able to suppress their own body in the distance so far away from the violence of medicine, so strength - also terrible? Who are these two mysterious grey shadows? When did such a formidable force emerge from this black Cape?

At the moment, at the stone platform, the energy became extremely turbulent up, a mottled energy of heaven and earth condensed, just like a whirlpool formed on xiao Jiao's head, and finally all from the sky cover, perfusion into his body.

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