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listen to her. Furukawa's faces changed slightly. All turned around. Sure enough, I saw a red shadow. It is flying towards the city like lightning. About a minute or so passed. A male snake man shrouded in red grudge. A flashover appeared over the city. His eyes swept across the air. Finally, he stopped on Furukawa and the others with a dazed expression.

"As long as the three leaders can arrive at the temple. Then Her Majesty will order a blanket search. Hmph. What if they have Dou Huang? A group of people who are beyond their own power. Just wait for the strong snake people. The assembly is over. We must turn them into bereaved dogs!" The lead snake man sneered. Look up at this uninhabited desert. Helplessly shook his head. waved. He shouted: "Let's go. Change the way. There seems to be no trace of humans here."

Following Xiao Yan's silence, inside the cave. The atmosphere gradually became quiet. The sultry air lingered in the hole and then followed some cracks. Drilled out.

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Mobas nodded lightly, and there was a trace of worry and bitterness on the face of the vulture.

Throwing the purple fire pill, a smile appeared on Xiao Yan's face, he turned around and put the fire-breathing python that was so tired that he fell asleep into his sleeve robe, and then walked out of the crumbling room with a smile, looking for a meat target. Try this copycat version of the Buddha's Fury Lotus. The power can have geometry,...

As the power of the soul spreads wider and wider. Xiao Yan frowned. But it got more and more wrinkled. After half an hour. There was no success for him. He had to gather the power of the soul that had spread and bring it back. Then carefully scan the surrounding environment.

"Hehe, it's alright." Awakened by the old man's voice, the eagerness on the pretty face of the brocade-robed woman quickly subsided. After a moment, she returned to her previous indifference, smiled, and put the heart of the sea in front of the old man's face. The shards were put into the storage ring, and he said softly: "Jia Lao, I think. We should investigate the exact identities of the four Douhuang powerhouses before. After all, those two Douhuang powerhouses from other countries sneaked into the Jiama Empire. It shouldn't be as simple as just coming to play."

Seeing Queen Medusa let go, Xiao Yan pulled his fingers back like lightning, and stepped on the bed with the soles of his feet. pull. The blue flame was actually pulled into a long whip, and the whip wrapped around Xiao Yan's body. Defend against all incoming attacks.

Violent sound waves. carried by vindictiveness. The cracked ice will be around. A loud bang. burst down.

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"Sure enough something happened..." Hearing the painful roar, Yao Lao's face suddenly became extremely ugly, he scolded in a low voice, the white bone spirit quickly covered his body, and then forcibly penetrated After passing the blue flame, it swept into the cave that had been destroyed in a mess.

With the appearance of these cyan cuticles, the sharp pain in Xiao Yan's meridians finally dissipated completely. Obviously, after the strengthening of the earth fire lotus seeds, the tenacity of Xiao Yan's meridians has even passed. Before getting hurt!

Ignoring how much shock Zi Yunyi brought to the old man, Xiao Yan took advantage of his clone. The figure suddenly swooped down, and the purple flame on the palm of the hand burned away. With a flick of the finger, a ray of purple fire burst out, and finally all the ice threads connected to the heavy ruler were burned and broken.

Flick your fingers. The cauldron cover above the medicine cauldron was bounced down by a strong wind, Xiao Yan made a move with the palm of his hand, and a pale yellow medicinal pill burst out of the cauldron and flew towards Xiao Yan quickly.

Xiao Yan back then. He was able to give up the comfortable life in the family for Nalan Yanran's humiliation of breaking the marriage, grit his teeth, fight monsters in the mountains and forests, endure loneliness and loneliness in the desert, and cultivate for three years, he can still be so cruel to himself. , let alone against the enemy?

Seemingly aware of Xiao Yan's scrutinizing eyes, the woman turned her head slightly, looking at Xiao Yan's ordinary clothes, her eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and after throwing a big white eye at the latter, she then turned to the two people who were blocking the door. The big man hummed softly: "Let's get out of the way, it's fun to block it, right?"

"This "burning blood" is applied externally in the desert, and the effect is much stronger than your effect in the Warcraft Mountains. Although this thing is more difficult to prepare, the effect is indeed quite good. In the desert, it can make the skin sensitive to the outside air Fire attribute energy is more sensitive, and when you practice it, you can get twice the result with half the effort." Using a piece of jade to slowly scrape the red liquid away, Yao Lao looked at the young man who was clenching his teeth and insisting, a smear in his pupils. With a gratified smile, he explained softly.

According to common sense, in such an environment that is absolutely not good or good, no one should feel the feeling of carefreeness, but Xiao Yan is a little stunned to realize that since he stepped on this land, his The purple fire fighting qi flowing in the body turned out to be much more cheerful.

Although after such a large amount of consumption, the remaining energy of the fire lotus seeds was still so huge that Xiao Yan was stunned. According to his guess, to repair his nearly broken body, I am afraid he only used three of them. One part of the energy, right? terrifying...

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