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Mo wuxing frowns tightly of stare at that pair slightly some familiar bone wing, after a moment, it is fierce finally recall, at this moment bone wing, is not xiao Yan at the beginning from the auction of that warcraft mummified bone empty bag?

Brothers, please come to some strength, power to potatoes, let us make four more today, can be deficient? !

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That smell just appeared, ZSZSZSZ is notice, the facial expression, is a eyes flash across a bit hesitant, soon will ignore the body of poison gas, palm, green flame suddenly big fill, and then fall gently in a small medical fairy not a proud flesh that flat and smooth in the lower abdomen, but here, it is the center of the seal formation, as long as the infusion of energy here, The seal can be activated in an instant!

"Ha ha, Xiao Yan brother, you just wake up, then stay more in the car, we from the day of the north city also

Larval stage and mature stage, of course, this thing is, after all, different fire, forming of different fire is difficult, need many years of accumulation, and this looks set and not much finches - the fire of the invisible, the existing time, afraid of is not too short, just don't know, why in the same place, even the two the same can be fire, the XuanQi scene, Xiao Yan is really unheard of.

Think of so the benefits of a variety of internal courtyard, ZSZSZSZ heart is flush with a concussion, he has been to thoroughly solve the problem of day consumes gas tower dried up and have a headache and guilt, it now appears the loss of heart inflammation larval body, will no doubt measure is perfect to solve this problem, the guilt, and his heart is finally was able to completely go away.

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The awn slowly diffuses out and finally flickers into the blackness of space.

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly, frowning and said, "On top of this magma, there is Canaan College. If someone else should go up there one day, I'm afraid the consequences would be terrible..." "Don't worry, these creatures can only live in the magma. If they leave the magma, they will die like fish out of water." Heavenly fire zouren light way.

Im will carefully save garlic street, fire Xiao Yansong relief, promptly and in a thoughtfully, today after the war, he was also gradually some perceive themselves now power "to cope with these increasingly tough opponents, too, seems to be some hard up gradually, it seems that the time before heading zhongzhou, fine practice one time, As far as possible in the fastest time, and not to make the basic balance imbalance in the body, so that their power to improve, so, for the future walking in Central State, also has a lot of benefits.

This little thing just appeared, is like a fish into the water, surging against the wind, a few short

Smell speech, Mo tianxing fist immediately clenched up, seems to be some hesitation, and the side of The Han Feng saw it, is hurried to say: "Mo Zong, Mo Ya was xiao Yan poison? Don't fall into his trap. I know a thing or two about detoxification, and when it's over, I'll do it for him."


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