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Xiao Yan nodded slightly and smiled bitterly. "Fortunately you didn't come. Otherwise, this building would have to be demolished."

Xiao Yan has no words. Can people fight pills?This... eight-grade elixir is getting into this part?

Xiao Yan's voice had just fallen. The teacup in the hand of Elder Liu could not help but suddenly increase its strength. In a clear and crisp sound, it turned into a pile of fragments.

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The little girl drooped her head, curled her legs, clasped her knees with her hands, her white neat teeth clenched her lips tightly, her black eyes were a little wet: "From conscious beginning, I lived alone in the mountains. When I was a child, I was bullied by other guys and had to run away in ashes by myself until after eating the shaped grass, she met the elder of the inner court, and he took me to the inner courtyard.Stayed here."

Two equally powerful and terrifying momentum in the peak gradually, between the two forces of oppression, the ground trembling slightly, after a while, actually in Xiao Yan's shocked eyes gradually split a little crack.

The crazy energy poured in from the liquid medicine did not stop because the body bones were covered with colorful colors. The continuous stream of pure energy intruded into Xiao Yan's body. As long as they saw things, no matter bones, meridians, even cell organs, etc., without exception, all were transformed into colorful colors. For a time, Xiao Yan's mind and spirit could only stare at the colorful body, lament in the heart, then he hastily stabilized the mind and spirit. He knew that he was afraid that the intense pain that tormented people would come.

It was strange to have someone talking to him like this, but now she was so scornful. Moreover, because her temperament was so attractive, her gaze remained for a short time on the former.

The anti-inflammatory flight was extremely slow, the mouth of the valley.There was no sound, quiet, quiet and terrible,

"The reinforcements appeared in the dark forest. At first we didn't know it. After the chase was repelled, there were only two identities. You know that man, too, is the old man who followed you."

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"The winner is the loser. It's really the battle of life and death. No one can manage the battle process. The ending is the most important!"He was sorry for the day. At this point he didn't bother to find any other excuse. He just wanted to beat Xiao Yan half-dead in front of him. If he had a chance, he even wanted to abandon Xiao Yan. From this guy's entry into the inner court, he had no peace for a day.

The reason why the battle circle here is able to attract dogs in most of the arena is because of the beauty and momentum of the young girls.

"This fellow, it's no wonder there was a sense of caution in the first sight of him, which had been reserved for such means."Lin Xiu Cliff's eyes quietly added a bit of surprise, obviously Xiao Yan's explosion, very unexpected.

"Heaven Fire's Three Mysterious History: Green Lotus Change!"

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head, this Linyan in the elimination of fire poison after, although there was no previous burst of grumpy, but it seems mouth is also uncontrollable words.

Xiao Yan slightly wrinkled frown, this fire lotus seed is extremely rare, he has not been the critical moment is reluctant to take, because no one knows whether to refine some higher-grade elixir will need them, this thing only with Qinglian heart fire one place, but Qinglian heart fire such strange fire, the world can hear several?Therefore, these lotus seeds are almost one less. Now it is the limit to exchange a sixth-stage magic box with Elder Liu. If they are in the field, Xiao Yan's flesh hurts.

Tell you I have a sixth-order magic core, right?"Elder Liu wiped the water marks from his palm and gave Elder Hao a glance. Although the Elder Elder secretly told Xiao Yan to take care of him, he was not the same care method, was he?"The sixth-order magic core is a rare thing in any place. Besides, it's something she fought for her life in those years.There is no easy way to hand over to others.

"Are all the people of the Rock so arrogant?This year's freshman really has the worst attitude in recent years."By a girl strange, Yahua, and still such a beautiful girl, Bai Cheng is also a little angry.

"Have you ever faced me?"Xiao Yan smiled sarcastically, and before the other party could reply, the shadow appeared again like a ghost. With fists, elbows, legs and so on, Xiao Yan cast out all the parts that could be used for attack in an instant. The shadows were stranded in mid-air with purring fist, blowing like a gust of wind on the platform.

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