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"You say this is xiao Yan stem?"

"But I don't seem interested in you." 'laughed Rob playfully.


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"Now, Mr. Liu mat, we don't have much of the powder left. I have sent my men to Buy medicine from Mittel's auction house. I am afraid you will have to work hard." Gallebi smiled and added: "In addition, yesterday fortunately bought a pair of tagor desert precious snake lady, I have sent them to the master's room."

Smell speech, elegant princess smile.

As the speed of the cyclone operation, those in the meridians flowing energy, is as if by traction in general, a swarm of the cyclone in the rush to.

Tiptoe on the rock gently, Xiao Xuner like a purple butterfly in general, graceful posture draw attractive arc, light jump on the top of the mountain, slightly tilted head, eyes swept to the cliff edge of the teenager.

Although Xiao Yan talent is extraordinary, but he and Ruolin mentor between the distance between the two, but is like a difficult to cross the gap between the fight and the big fight division, not relying on talent, they can close to make up.

"Hehe." With a smile, Mr. Yao held the cup in both hands, which still seemed to be warm from the hands of a beautiful woman. He rubbed the cup and took a sip, then said with a smile, "Surely you have heard of the name xiao Yan?"

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So endless suck plunder, coma xiao Yan does not know how long lasted, he can only fuzzy know. When the external infusion of energy became weaker and weaker, until finally completely disappeared, he finally broke through the darkness of consciousness, his eyes blurred open.

For the first time with the fighting division strong hand in hand, Xiao Yan is also a taste of the fighting division of the vigorous degree, xuan heavy ruler came from the strength of the gas, fully let him back a few steps, just will be completely removed.

Chapter 63 Different fire list

However, when Xiao Yan tried to control. In that little purple flame. There was a sense of instinctive resistance.

"Two elder, everything or wait until the last to draw a conclusion, otherwise, in the end, will only fan their own face..." Xiao Zhan looked deeply in the field that hang down to close his eyes of the young, light way.

Look at xiao Yan nod, xun son this just sweet smile, micro frowning to sort out the memory, just slowly smile: "Xiao Yan brother four years old refining gas."

Asked by the elder sister, Xiao Ning some bitter point, stuffy way: "Well, I don't know what that guy ate, within a year, really jumped four dou of gas."

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, smacking his lips, some yearning smile: "a bottle of two products of build jeling liquid can sell tens of thousands of gold coins, I think, those powerful refining pharmacist, I am afraid that all are fat flow oil?"

When the brutal-like mood of violence from the heart of the tide like withdrawal, Xiao Yan suddenly all over the sour soft down, pale looks, looks very tired, this kind of spiritual encounter, far from the physical encounter consumes energy.

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