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"Grandpa's eyes are really venomous, but fortunately we didn't have an evil relationship with him that year." "Slightly patted the full breast, died a little lucky.

Beside the fire-raising, the palm of the old man's face pressed against the forehead of the young man with black robes. The huge strength of the soul gushed out "encroaching upon the latter's withered soul. Not far away from the fire-raising side, a cool and charming beauty stands, a pair of narrow eyes, indifferent to the old and young."

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The end of the war, this happy news is also like flying across the entire Kama Empire, a time, everywhere is a sweep of past despair and gloom, can not leave their own country, naturally is the desire of many people's hearts, wandering life, no one would like to enjoy once without reason.

It is very difficult to be indifferent and unexpected...

"Over the years, the imperial concubine has built up a huge intelligence, and with her help, I now seem to have traces of other mysterious forces in the Yunlan Sect. Perhaps there should be some reason why there are so many powerful people in Yunlanzong now."Haibo frowned slowly.

The elixir that can be directly used to enhance strength is always the most seductive!

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"Yun Lanzong wiped out Xiao's family, and Xiao Yan killed so many elders and many disciples of Yunlanzong. Such a grudge has lost even the slightest adjustability. In the future, it seems that the Kama Empire will become even more chaotic."

Yun Yun sits on the futuan, that elegant and noble beautiful cheeks.There was indeed an outlandish rage at the moment.Previously Yunshan came here to speak with her, directly to its body into a cold state.

"Tut, I didn't think it was the rumoured Medusa Queen, but also walked after the evolution of Medusa, no wonder" The face is full of amazement smashes the mouth, then Su Qian directed at Xiao Yan drama said: "But you are also very strong, even this kind of women dare to be provoked, I heard that all generations of Queen of Medu poison are extremely cold-blooded people, killing like killing chicken, unexpectedly she would even come to save you, it is really incredible that there was an evolved Queen Medusa appeared in Daliutu, just happened to be touched gently by a young master of a first-class force, the woman was directly rushed into that power to kill a big one, will make it serious injury, after that, big six men almost beat the way around the Queen of Medusa, how lucky you are now, you know how lucky you are?"

Medusa's coolness.It attracted a lot of attention, but perhaps because often in the knife edge lick... screen, so this servant looked at Zhu faintly hot, but the straight goods is Dian, this woman, some terrible...

Although still the top of the fight king, but each level has different levels, this is like_with a scale of water bottle, although the water has reached a scale of the standard, but this standard and more above the standard, there is a great distance, and the more powerful fighting gas, just like the rising water in general, sooner or later, will rise to a higher scale, and then, is Xiao Yan breakthrough to Dou emperor step off time!

"You little boy, this constitution is really admirable, so heavy injury, rest for a few days to jump alive."Su Qian smashes his mouth, full of envy, this kind of almost small strong physique, really very impressive.

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