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Questioning a prescription requires a lot of courage and courage. Some traditional pharmacists believe too much in the orthodoxy of the prescription, so no matter how they fail, it is difficult to attribute the cause of the problem to the pharmacy. They only think that it must be themselves There is a mistake in a certain part of the heat or the refining ingredients, and those who have this kind of thinking will undoubtedly fail completely in this kind of assessment.

Although since divorce. For fear of irritating Xiao Yan. So Xiao Zhan never mentioned it. But Xiao Yan is clear. Not so. in his mind. There is always a mustache. Xiao family for so many years. He was the first to be forced into the door. And in a strong tone that can't be denied. The patriarch who revoked the marriage contract his father made back then.

"What's wrong?" Seeing Fa Yan's appearance, Hai Bodong couldn't help but ask in surprise. He just said that Xiao Yan's talent is very good, but he didn't expect the other party to have such a reaction.

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"Step on people. That's what you can do. Don't let people step on them. Instead, they pierce their feet..." For this young man who did not hide his arrogant and domineering temperament at all. Xiao Yan did not show the slightest weakness or retreat. A tit-for-tat look. The people were amazed.

Stand in the crowd. Liu Ling looked around the hall with a faint smile on her face. After Xiao Yan's figure was never seen before, a sneering sarcasm suddenly emerged from the depths of his eyes.

As the cyan flame scorched again, the black bead finally began to move, the surface trembled slightly, and the black mist penetrated from the bead, and then was purified into nothingness by the fiery flame.

",. You don't believe it yourself..."

"Also pay attention to Hai Bodong next to him. I always think that guy is a little hard to figure out. If there is any change, let Master Ling..." said here. Xun'er's slender hand gently stroked out of thin air in front of her. There was a dreadful coldness on the pretty face.

Just when Leo Dou Qi was summoned. A white shadow seemed to move in an instant. appear in front of it. That kind of terror. Let the former's pupils shrink slightly.

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"Alas" The silence continued for a long time, and Fa Qian suddenly sighed, stretched out his hand, and slowly took the black scroll back under Xiao Yan's slightly disappointed gaze.

"Miss Nalan, thank you for taking action earlier..." Ya Fei took two steps forward, came to Nalan Yanran's side, and thanked Xiao Yan with a smile.

did not answer her words. Xiao Yan glanced sideways at Nalansu who was smirking. Then he and Nalan Yanran turned around. Go to the side room.

When the time exceeded the expectations of countless people again, and after half an hour, the expression of Fa Qian on the high platform suddenly changed, and a touch of joy appeared on the old face, and his eyes looked in the direction of Xiao Yan. There, the dark red cauldron In the middle, a faint scent of Dan is slowly diffused out.

Said: "Little friend Yanxiao. I don't know the name of my teacher? Can you tell me? Maybe I know this old man before."

Standing outside the gate, Xiao Yan raised his head and looked at the majestic Alchemist Headquarters. He couldn't help but shook his head in admiration. This kind of momentum is worthy of the leading position of the alchemist in the Jiama Empire.

Looking at the young pharmacist slowly walking out of the corner, everyone in the hall was stunned. The faces of the third-grade pharmacists who were somewhat helpless before suddenly showed some sarcasm. Not even a third-grade alchemist can do it. You are a second-grade pharmacist. What's the matter?

"Sure enough..." He looked at the tall and straight young man. Otto and the others were slightly taken aback. Glancing at Chemier. Immediately, he sighed and shook his head. Furukawa taught his disciples, and he really had a few hands.

As the flying beast slowly descended, Xiao Yan's eyes suddenly shifted to the north of the imperial capital. There, a huge mountain, which can be called magnificent, was crawling like a giant dragon, faintly revealing the aura of the sky.

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