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"I'm not sure whether I can do it, but the Lion is still doing all I can. Now, facing a group of opponents with similar strength to my own, I naturally try my best.Xiao Yan smiled and glanced at Xun Er. "But if you want to, it shouldn't be difficult to get into the rope ladder. If you use all your means, I think I can compete with Liu Qing and others.

Nowadays, Han Feng has completely become the overlord here, whose status is" Black League ". Under the momentum, it is as stable as a rock. Nobody dares to provoke the whole Black Corner Region.

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Queen Medusa bit a silver tooth and trembled with anger, and this guy would take herself to this almost dead place. Although she claimed to be powerful, but after the evolution of the fire in Qinglian last time, she had a faint feeling of fear for this flame, but she didn't expect that when she took control of her body again, Xiao Yan would bring it to the depths of the earth, and outside, there was a clever fire, waiting for them!

At the critical moment, Lin Xiu Cliff showed his very good fighting experience. His hand print moved, and the energy in front of him fluctuated rapidly. Finally, it condensed into a deep clear energy net.

(The last hour.Ladies and gentlemen, if there is still moon chestnut, please don't keep it again!!!!!

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A contestant made an orderly march to the stone platform.Then take out the bamboo stick, when read out his number, then back to go.

"Xiao Yan has been cultivating for three days. Why hasn't he recovered yet?It doesn't seem to take so long to advance, right?"Frowning at Xiao Yan, Wu Hao opened his eyes.Road.

Of course, light is so, still not enough to make the larynx into stagnation, but that the next competition test only lasted for less than ten minutes, however, in this short ten minutes, that has been suffering from the competition has no rival to find the Lin Xiu Cliff, it has failed.

From the couch turned down, Huang Yan's eyes stared at the pair of autumn water eyes like spring water, his eyes quietly hot some, soft voice: "something?"

Feeling the strength of Xiao Yan's stroke, even Yao Sheng, who has always had a little disdain in his heart, gushed out a thick wet air, his hands danced and a little bit dark. Finally, with a very fast degree, he condensed into endless layers of air-fighting water network above his head.

"Let's start the game!"

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