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This sudden question made Medusa suddenly look cold, said: "You have usurped the body by despicable means, shouldn't you kill it?"

For the potential of "Panmen", Xiao has always attached great importance to the students who can enter the inner courtyard, most of them are talented people, if it is properly trained, they will certainly have a lot of achievements in the future, and if they can be gathered together, it will be a very strong latent force.

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The old man, who is called the Grand Elder, has a familiar face. It turns out that he was the patriarch of the Mitel family at that time, Mitel.Tengshan, but listen to the imperial concubine to call it, it seems that in these three years, he has given up the seat of the patriarch...



"You always say that I keep that little creature as a pet, so let you this queen very lose face, but God can tell me, I usually regard it as a small ancestor as a supply, even I can't bear to eat" amethyst companion source, give it as water to drink, this is not good?"Xiao Yan shouted for her injustice.

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The grey-clothed old man below, looking at the commotion on the city wall, the color of severe blackness is more intense, that above, except for a strong fighting spirit can make him care a little, the others, wave between hands can take their lives!

The heart set the thought, Xiao Yan is not hesitant, palms move, a pill is appeared in the hand, then a whole brain stuffed into the mouth, vigorously a bit of chewing.

"And Xiao Yan's brother Huang Er misses you. Take care!"

Naran Su-ran, he can feel, at this moment Nalan Jie heart is how regret. However, this world, but there is no regret medicine to buy...

In the conversation between the two people, the cloud of black fog is also more and more violent fluctuations, to the end, like boiling general, constantly spit black circle to the sky, and just after the black circle spit out for a moment, the black fog began to quickly shrink, finally, a whole body covered in a set of black armor under the shadow, slowly appeared under all eyes under the gaze.

Xiao Yan was not interested in this kind of onlooker, so he just glanced at it, and he was about to turn away, but as he turned around, a clear voice of anger from the crowd made him stop.

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