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"Fengxing Pill, third-grade pill, effect: It can make the person taking it sensitive to the wind energy between heaven and earth in a short period of time, and through this, it can achieve the effect of improving mobility."

Nalan Yanran squinted her beautiful eyes and said with a light smile, "It seems... it should be like this."

"What is this little guy doing? Isn't it finished refining yet? Impossible. With his strength, even if the refining time can't catch up with first-tier players like Liu Ling, he won't be so far behind." Back, Otto murmured anxiously in his heart.

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"You want to try it?"

"Hehe, maybe you have to be thankful that you have a very strange ability between mistakes and encounters. In the future, this black finger may cause many people to fall into your hands."

"Go, this is your job, and I can't blame you." Xiao Yan smiled, the gloom on Xiao Yan's face dissipated a little, and waved his hand.

On the lush green cliffs. The girl turned around slowly. Staring at the green figure on one knee. After half an hour. Delicate and elegant on the face. A soft smile emerges. He said softly, "It's been more than a year. Brother Xiao Yan has finally arrived there..."

"No, I have my own affairs." Shaking his head lightly. Xiao Yan ignored the three and raised his leg to walk out the door.

Smile casually. Looking at the man who seemed to be middle-aged at this age. Xiao Yan felt a little bit in his heart. With Yao Lao's support, he is on the road to refining pharmacists. It went very smoothly. There were hardly any setbacks. Because of the experience of his predecessors, he avoided many detours. But now I can see the man in front of me. Xiao Yan just realized that it was. Refining a pharmacist is not as easy as he imagined.

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"Oh. That thing is too terrifying, and it is reasonable to have some sequelae." Hearing Xiao Yan say this, Hai Bodong did not have the slightest doubt, after all, the power of the Buddha's Fury Lotus. It was really a bit terrifying, and his eyes swept across Xiao Yan's side. He frowned slightly and said, "Is it serious?"

"Brother Xiao Yan, after three years of experience, I'm afraid you should also know the power of the Yunlan Sect in the Jiama Empire, right?" Yafei frowned slightly. whispered.

"Teacher is just an idler in the mountains. He doesn't have the great reputation of Pill King Gu He, so let's not mention it." Xiao Yan smiled and said lightly. Some sideways.

"Strong people. People who want to improve the refining purity as much as possible, and people who are a little weaker, are worried about how to extract the materials within the specified time, so in a short time. Naturally, no one came out. ." Chemier smiled faintly.

"Don't worry. As long as you collect all the medicinal materials, I will refine it for you. Although it is because of the Buddha's wrath, the power of the soul is a little damaged. But refining the Purple Spirit Pill should not be difficult." Xiao Yan walked slowly to by the table. Remove clutter from the table. Then take out the medicine tripod from Najie. Casually perfunctory.

"What's wrong?" Seeing Fa Yan's reaction, Jia Lao was slightly taken aback and asked in confusion.

Take a slow breath. The plump and round breasts heaved slightly. Ya Feiyu rubbed her temples with her hands. With a wry smile, he said, "That's the old guy Leo. It's the grandfather of Lele who was beaten until he vomited blood. He is also an elder of the Mittel family. He has a lot of power."

"Yeah." Hai Bodong just nodded lightly to the politeness of the two. Her calm appearance made them stunned, while Lin Fei, who had always been unable to rub the sand, was a stunner. Staring, he wanted to shout, but Otto grabbed him quickly.

His eyes swept across the incomparably spacious square, Xiao Yan realized that there were thousands of bluestone square platforms neatly distributed in it. The bluestone army in general.

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