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"But you don't have to be complacent. Every time the poison explodes, it's a step closer to getting out of control. You look like you, and you'll soon get into that situation. Then someone will take you ten!"Smiling in a murmur," she said."Just get rid of him and stop talking nonsense."

Potato is also sitting in the daytime all day, trying to finish the three shifts before 12 o 'clock every day, so potato changed

Well, what do you say?"This month Tudou tried hard, even if failed, but also not decadent, because this month, I used my own efforts to earn back the reader's trust in me.It's worth it.

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"Really better than the details, that demon Yan Valley exists for a long time, I'm afraid it can't be better than Canaan College?" Xiao Yan chanted, although the Canaan College on the surface only Su Qian elder a strong fighting sect, but he knows, in the academy, there must be a very terrible hidden power, such as those mysterious valley in the old man.

Don't blame Xie Zhen will be so alarmed, in the previous fighting claw moment, his body ice cold fighting Qi, almost completely suppressed by Xiao Yan even the body is unable to come out, even directly mount Xiao Yan that strange hot Qi intruded into the body, so that his internal chaos.

The three stopped at the border of the Clouds Empire, took out a map and identified their directions, then they were flying through the sky again, hurrying towards the distant destination.

"Scorpion Mountain, don't you think this poisonous cloud array can stop our Poison Sect from attacking?"

"The harder you treat me, the better I know that boy is in your heart. Ha ha, the more painful you are!"

"Still going to the Imperial Court?The old man was a member of the Black Emperor before. Isn't it not so good to go there?"Little Doctor Xian hesitated," she said.

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The old man is obviously not inferior in the poison clan. He wears a pale green robe. The most remarkable thing is that his face is painted with a black centipede. With the wrinkle of J1 of his face trembling, the centipede is like a living thing in general, wriggling slowly, giving people the cold and evil spirit from the dead.

Puff!The patience in her heart was finally covered by the overwhelming will of killing. Medusa's eyes flashed ferocious, and her fiery hand was like a blade, directly inserted into the chest of Scorpio Bi Yan. With a sharp grip, the heart burst suddenly.

"Come on!Deep in the heart, a low drink suddenly sounded, then a little thin as the silky spirit of lightning scattered all over the earth, at last without any overflow of direct control of those chaos, like a stream of small streams, from all directions gathered from all directions, and finally all were gathered together.

"Alas vr"

Looking at her like this, Xiao Yan couldn't help but turn her eyes over. Quickly she tore up the reluctant Zizi, bent her finger and flicked the latter's forehead. "Little girl ***, those herbs you eat are not inferior to here, so don't humiliate me.SCCM-AdminUI.exe

In the lush green forest, there will be occasional sounds of thunder-like animal roar, startled countless resting in the forest birds, that wings when the vibration of the noise brought by the noise, so that the air has become a lot of tight.

Xiao Yi-xian threw aside her lips. He was just trying to turn her back, but she was afraid to wake Xiao Yan. She grunted. "What urge?" he said. "I have to wait for the time to guide you. What's the use of worrying?

"Oh, come on!

"Boy, I've got a name for it!Don't do that nobody's business."The scorpion mountain looks at Xiao Yan gloomily, the blue stick in his hand swings, pointing directly to Xiao Yan, shouting.

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