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Licked lips, Xiao Yan deeply glanced at the charming beauty in front of: "of course, don't take this thing as can coerce my chip, otherwise, you will gain more than you lose."

"One year, four paragraphs? Ha ha, if it was in the past, maybe there is a possibility, but now... There's not a chance..." Although the mouth in the comfort of his father, but Xiao Yan heart is a self-deprecating wry smile.

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"Actually have this kind of skill?" Frown tightly wrinkle up, Xiao Yan hesitated for a while, and then turn the dark eyes, way: "can you let me see?"

"Huh." Qiao nose wrinkle wrinkle, small doctor fairy toward Xiao Yan Yang Yang jade hand, way: "I went to pick up medicine, you literally walk around." So saying, he turned to some distant herbarium.

Looking at the young body taut again, medicine old leng for a moment, the hidden pride in the young bone, let his face emerge with a happy. He smiled and nodded. Take a bottle of "burnt blood" from the ring again and tilt it down.

Threw the pill in the hands, Xiao Yan swallowed it into the belly, with the old medicine of the master level of the drug, he can not be afraid of what will be secretly under the deadly poison.

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The young man, under the watchful eyes of the public, quickly walked to xiao Yan in front, slightly bent, loudly: "Xiao Yan cousin, please!"

"Thirty-eight thousand." Gallebi followed coolly.


"This woman, also is not the lamp that saves oil..." Hard to lift the feet, can xiao Yan at this time of strength, and how to get out of a big division carefully arranged by the trap.

Smell speech, ZSZSZSZ nodded slightly, jose this snake can become a long, also indeed is not a fool, only know brute-force if for yourself, in this case, will not take any single to single lead, this is no absolute fairness in the world, whether what mean method, as long as would be able to reach the goal, that is the best way, Into the king defeated kou, to this, Xiao Yan has deep experience.

Finger music, Xiao Yan looked at the stage that small hammer knock down the Elegant princess, gently relieved in the heart, this money, and can support their splurge for a period of time, now as long as the medicinal materials in hand, can let the medicine old refinery gather gas scattered...

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