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"Han Lin, show some respect to my guest, he is not a guard, but I for han invited to worship, next time if you talk at random, don't blame me turn against!" Han Xue suddenly turned around, qiao face as the face of general, into indifference, cold voice rebuke.

Countless shrill shrill cries reverberated in the valley, dense souls shuttled in the black fog, just like hidden in the darkness of the evil ghost general, red eyes, in the dark environment, appears particularly grim. "Be careful, these are the souls they've manipulated!" Xiao Ying looked at those souls circling in the sky and shouted.

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As they watched, the black mist gradually disappeared, and one of the most discomfited figures was revealed."

"Ha ha, talk with understanding white person is straightforward, old husband also not beat around the bush, the space wormhole of the city of the end of the world this problem stone bu, by my one person's strength, fundamental difficult repair, so want to ask this young lady move a help, do not know whether? . Luo Cheng turned his eyes to the little doctor fairy and clapped his hands.

"That Hongchen I looked far today, the strength is really very good, although the person is arrogant, but also as they said, this guy has the qualifications and capital of tan Zhang domineering." Xiao Yan returns to the side of the bed, and then sit cross-legged, the face shows the color of meditation.

Between all over the sky silence, su stem and small doctor fairy is the fastest to return to god, the vision tightly looked at that way in the lightning flashing dazzling silver man's figure, after a moment, the eyebrows are a wrinkle, because they are now, they can not feel the breath of that way figure, at most can only be detected from it a very strong imposing manner... However, although this momentum is strong, but it is connected with some stiff, as if lost wisdom in general

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Across the mountains, the first impression, give ZSZSZSZ is a kind of busy feeling, after all, even on the black Angle domain of the sky, it is hard to see so many flying beasts appear at the same time, here, seems to be flying beasts is a relatively common transport, but along the way, seems most of the flying beasts are just some of the first two order of warcraft unusual, See smoke a pack of third-order rarely exist, therefore, ZSZSZSZ the head of the griffin, caused a lot of in the sky or the surprised eyes, especially when the eyes to see such a big flying beasts, had only three or four people, the more surprised eyes also make some envy, high product order such as the griffin beasts flying beasts, but very hard to find, If it were not for some rich family or power, it would be very difficult for ordinary people to tame it.

"Several friends came to Tianya city, is it because of space wormhole?" Luo Cheng said with a smile. The face is quite polite, which is to see around some people secretly hit the tongue, in this tianya City, can let the luo family so treat the people, but few ah.

Invisible attack, is directly xia Mang shock back, seeing this, Han Chong and other people rushed up, swarmed around Han Xue, eyes mercilessly staring at the former.

Under the gaze of so many flame lizard people, Xiao Yanxun will be in the hands of the bead body income of the ring, it seems that these guys are called by the lizard people before death, but did not expect, under the magma, living in such a huge biological group, xiao Yan did not have the least bit now.

Fingers dancing, to the end of almost a trail of residual shadows, suddenly, fingers suddenly pause, immediately a heavy point, fire trace quietly a tick, a perfect without the slightest loophole seal formation, finally is completely completed.

A dou huang level of youth, perhaps not enough to make han so, but, if on this, plus a can blame more dry lian pharmacist identity, so even han, but also must be in every way with it! The identity of the pharmacist, above zhongzhou, than other places, more prominent! Because the strong here, more than anywhere else, and more than anywhere else, need the medicine!

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