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Zhuan Sun Xiuling 630word 316391people read continuous loading

"Is she to be kept safe in the Hall of All Medicines?"

"Well, yeah... Is to eat poison. As soon as they ingest the poison, their poisons will, in a strange way, transform the poison contained in them into a very special kind of poison." The medicine old curiously sucked his lips and continued: "The more severe the poison. The better it is for them to improve their strength, so they don't need to do penance, they just need to eat poison constantly, and they can improve their strength quickly."

"In the future, practice here. With your talent for cultivation, it won't be difficult to reach seven degrees in one year." Lao Yao clapped his hands and smiled.

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The setting sun fell from the sky, according to the arm pillow behind the head, small face indifferent to the young body, particularly charming.

"Ha ha, the old gentleman's request, we auction naturally will do everything."

The PAWS pawed gently on the ground. Sharp claws. Tear tiny cracks in the hard ground. The little Amethyst King took another step forward. The huge tail suddenly struck the ground. A boulder. Was smashed to pieces. And with the power of the tail. The little amethyst king lion darted ten meters. Then to Xiao Yan's anger to kill and go.

Galloping, He crouched down and picked up a bit of powder with his fingers, put it under his nose and sniffed it. Suddenly, his cold face turned to horror.

"What then? Surely you knew how to seek it in the first place?" Slightly distressed for a while, Xiao Yan heart micro move, slant head toward medicine old smile to ask a way.

"... Whether or not to become a poison master, in fact, depends on your own ah, this thing, at least no one will force you?" Smell speech, Xiao Yan some don't understand the way.

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As the stimulation of the lake and the slow recovery of the struggle, xiao Yan's body is gradually hot retreat, inside the churning desire fire, but also quietly retired.

Look at Xiao Yan this relaxed and comfortable appearance, high stage of the family senior figures can not help but some surprised, this guy don't know today's test, will change his future road?

Look at the end of the two bottles of zhuling liquid, the field is a lot of eerie calm, a pair of eyes, began to sweep to the front row of the three families, they all know, these three forces, should make a move.

His hands covered his ears, Xiao Yan opened his mouth and looked at the momentum caused by the attack. After a long time, he swallowed a mouthful of spit and turned his eyes to the place of the waterfall suddenly. However, at this time, the water vapor diffused in the air, but it was completely covered by the sight.

Full text novel reading, updated, faster, all in: AP. ! Looking at ZSZSZSZ blighted, medicine old funny shook his head, his fingers rubbing his forehead, replied: "I tried drugs before someone, I seem to be received this bucket, if it weren't for the hands happened to have a spare Dan medicine, I also can't deal with that person, it too long, if it weren't for today is to remind you once, I'm afraid I really to forget."

"Damn, she was so slutty, her big ass looked like it was going to dry her." Urinate, a mercenary suddenly full of rude words curse way.

Be watched by the public, Xiao Yan some uncomfortable twist the body, my mind is really some whether to laugh or cry, this woman is too smart, actually take out their own free advertising, now have their own this live specimen, I am afraid that the price of those build jiling liquid on the stage, will rise fully two or three layers or so.

On top of the black stone, bright lights burst, and large, regular letters suspended on the surface of the stone.

At 0,000, the scene was chilly.

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