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After finish. Ignore medicine old problem no longer, Xiao Yan poured 7 or 8 cyan liquid fully to purple smoke fruit inside. Again perfusion anorexia flower juice, just stop, threw a lot of heavy fruit, hey hey smile, all the things on the ground into the ring, and then the hands of purple smoke fruit, gently on the door.

Just a short sentence, cold Xiao Yu, immediately pretty livid.

"Black robe? Control the white flame?" A slight silence, a slight change in the face of Gallebi, manipulating the fire to hurt the enemy, is undoubtedly the most favored way of the chemist, and it is possible to have a feud with the Galleian family, and also has the strength to easily kill the fury of Galleian... All these conditions reminded De Galibi of the black-robed chemist he had met that day at the auction.

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Gallebi sat on the chair and stared at the smiling Xiao Zhan with his eyes dark and malicious. "Bastard, if it hadn't been for the last time by this guy, how could my Galleyed family have ended up in such an embarrassing situation?"

Sitting in the seat, Xiao Zhan nodded darkly. The healing drugs sold by the Galley family are very low grade, but they are large in quantity and cheap, and most suitable for the mercenary soldiers who often add blood to their knives.

Slowly look back. Xiao Yan was not much interested in the relationship between the young man and the little medical fairy. So he shook his head and stomped again. Heading into the Mountain of Warcraft.

Looking at the crystal ball with a bitter smile, Xiao Zhan sighed helplessly, looked at Kaoru son with some inexplicable meaning in his eyes, waved his hand and said: "Go in."

Handsome appearance, plus not common strength, this young man, not only a few ignorant girl in the family is fascinated, even that sit aside xiao Mei, beautiful eyes in moving to this when, also is small put extraordinary color.

"Brother Xiao Yan." The fume son small face is slightly red of earned earn hand, light tone Chen way.

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"If we can get a pharmacist, we can compete with them..." Someone whispered in the hall.

"Good." With a smile and a nod, Xiao Yan did not care about the 500 gold coins, he just needed the team to find a safe enough training place for himself.

Sitting in the quiet waiting room, Xiao Yan slightly silent, suddenly softly asked: "It seems that the family in other cities to find the source of medicine?"

In the forest with fresh air, Xiao Yan lies in a grass, the dead leaves on the body disguise him tightly, the pressure of breathing efforts to the lowest, the breath is also completely converged, the body is like a rock, motionless, a pair of eyes. Through the grass, staring at a red Wolf slowly coming over here.

Two elder frown a wrinkle, sink voice say: "Xiao Yu, what do you want to do?"

"Seal?" Listen to this address, Xiao Yan quickly cross-examine.

With a wry smile, Xiao Yan took out a big black robe from the ring, and then covered the woman's body from behind, which slowly turned her around again and slept on the stone bed.

With their silence, the cave fell into a quiet and awkward atmosphere, after today's event, the two seem to be difficult to return to the previous level of harmony.

Staring at the young, ling er suddenly slant over the head looking at the side of the white man wood stop, suddenly feel in the heart, his heart to his a few worship mood. It seems to have weakened a lot.

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