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"Finding a passage is a trivial matter... But it's not far from Stone Desert City. Our local people are exploring with great fanfare. I think it will be noticed by other forces in Stone Desert City. The night in Tagor Desert is very short. If the construction site is only started at night Not only will it consume a lot of time, but also because of the darkness, some important places will be lost... In this stone desert city. With the strength of our desert iron mercenary group, other small forces would not dare to provoke. But that The mercenary regiment of the sand... It is impossible to say that they will jump out and interfere." Xiao Ding shook his head. Frowning helplessly.

Huge triangular pupils stared at Xiao Yan mockingly. The eight-winged black snake emperor was not at all nervous. Although the strange fire made him extremely afraid. But don't know why. In front of the man in black robe. It doesn't seem to be able to express its power freely and vividly. therefore. Eight-winged black snake emperor. Not too afraid.

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"There will be opportunities in the future. There are many of them now. Let's withdraw first." Furukawa smiled reluctantly.

Xiao Yan's strange cultivation posture at this time was specially ordered by Yao Lao. Because in this desert, although there is a strong fire attribute energy everywhere, after a day of exposure, the fire attribute energy in the yellow sand will be precipitated. It needs to be more pure, so that's why Xiao Yan's strange ostrich training posture...

Immediately after the gray-robed old man made the handprint, the other four also quickly completed the seal. For this seal, they had practiced countless times, so as soon as they heard the order, they could quickly Complete the tedious printing.

"Your Excellency. My patience is limited. You are about to touch my bottom line." A slightly cold voice. It sounded overhead again. The black-robed man glanced coldly at the back of the black-robed man. slowly fell. The slender left hand. A real little whirlwind. Naughty spinning. Unleashing fierce energy, he shook his right hand. One looks a little weird. And a long sword with a faint blue light emerged.

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Although the woman's voice was quite soft, it was not difficult to hear a touch of domineering and arrogance in it. "...Do these people also know his identity?" Seeing that this woman was thinking of Hai Bodong like this, Xiao Yan was stunned for a moment, and said in a stunned heart.

"Huang-rank intermediate? Hehe, as expected."

"Tsk tsk, what an amazing guy, you actually killed a big fighting master..." Glancing at Mo Ran's corpse in the distance, Xiao Ding couldn't help but exclaim, this was the first time he saw Xiao Yan exposed real strength.

Xiao Yan's whole body seems to have no such qualifications and potential except Fen Jue and Qinglian Earth Heart Fire...

The basic condition for a first-grade pharmacist is to successfully refine a formed medicinal pill individually, and as for what kind of medicinal pill, this can be set by the pharmacist guild. Xiao Yan picked up a piece of parchment on the stone platform, and then looked at it. This prescription was a kind of medicine pill called Lili Dan. To increase a little strength in a short period of time, this kind of medicinal pill, although it can only be regarded as a middle-ranked one among the first-grade medicinal pills, is undoubtedly a little difficult for a newcomer who comes to the assessment for the first time.

With the fighting qi flowing in the specific meridians, Xiao Yan was able to realize that wisps of fire-attribute energy began to seep out of the outer space, and then penetrated through Xiao Yan's skin and finally penetrated into the meridians and was carried by the purple fighting qi. Then, a perfect cycle of exercises was completed.

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