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Wu Hao's blood sword is suddenly magnified in his eyes. At this moment, he has no other way but to close his eyes and wait to die... "

"The soul of an ordinary strong person is really not as good as that of refining herbalist. If it weren't for someone with" Dan Pagoda "in the middle of senior sixth year, I'm afraid the task would be completed soon. _" The soul was sucked into the chain, but the iron dharma shook his head. It was a pity.

Looking coldly at the fierce cut down heavy sword, Xie shock the cold white claw, suddenly shot out, and finally the residual shadow move away, each time the claw is stuck on the blood sword, the powerful blood color fighting above will weaken a point, so only a few blink time, the blood color heavy sword above the fighting Qi, unexpectedly is directly by the former completely shocked."Let me see.What is the emperor's strength!"When the fighting broke away, Xie Zhen gave a cold smile, then turned his paw and grabbed the blood sword by force and threw it. The blood sword came out from Wu Hao's hand and finally shot heavily into a mountain wall." Pang!"With the blood sword off his hand, Xie Zhen suddenly leaned forward. Suddenly, his paw drew a strange trace and hit Wu Hao's chest with a fierce blow."Shit!""

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Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment, shook his head, said: "Black Imperial City is holding a large-scale auction, I have to go there to have a look, this time out, I need to get a batch of materials and some intelligence, there, maybe a thousand."

"Thousand Illusion Poison Fountain!"

"Well, this. That. What are you doing?"Looking awkwardly at the angry eyes of the little medical immortals, Xiao Yan laughed dry.

In retrospect, Xiao Yan touched the black spot on her chest at the first time, looked down and looked down, but it was astonished that the black spot was flying out of a tiny black line, where these black lines spread are some of the main acupoints and meridians of the whole body, and saw this scene, Xiao Yan's face suddenly changed, suddenly looked up and shouted to the Scorpio Bi Yan: "What have you done?"

"Where are you going?"Little medical fairy's eyes moved everywhere, softly.

Out of the valley, after spending about two hours on the road, a city appeared in the mountains, and after Xiao Yan settled Wu Hao and other people, it was separated again, continued to rush towards the black imperial city, closer and closer to the auction, Xiao Yan can only hurry up to the road.

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"Don't worry, let's go with us."Xiao Yan smiled faintly. There was revenge every day in the dark corner. He wasn't interested in rescuing them one by one.In Xiao Yan three people talk between, That mountain path end, Two steps some stagger figure also is embarrassed out, And behind them not far away, A lot of black shadow flickering, Even if is far away, Is passed over.With the aggravation of the escape of the shadow, Xiao Yan also finally saw the two figures, two figures a man and a woman, male about thirty, and female, is just a young girl.

"I don't know which friend did it?This matter is between the devil Yan Valley and Canaan College, with nothing to do with outsiders! "That Xie Zhen body shape is also a sudden retreat, whisper at once, in the meow shouted, his eyes are fast in the surrounding sky sweep.

"Hum, most of the herbs you found have been forcibly searched by you. How can I eat them?"Ziyan gnawed at her silver teeth and said bitterly, looking at Xiao Yan's eyes and deep resentment.

Looking at this drop of blood, the small medical immortals look more and more dignified. The blood is the most terrible poisonous blood in his body. The power of Scorpio Bi Yan's fighting class is all dead here, enough to see the toxicity of this thing.

"No." Xiao Yan shook his head with a smile, and immediately moved his hand, a gray jade piece appeared in his hand, and then gently squeezed it into powder.

"Well."Little medical fairy nodded softly, then whispered:" Thank you very much.

"The Heart of Heaven Empire.&&&& Sky Burial Ravine?"There was a low whisper in his mouth. Xiao Yan's eyes swept at the little medical immortals and Medusa, which was a big √." There were so many small empires that he had never heard of.

Eat a dark loss, small medical immortals body quickly back, looks a little embarrassed.

"Since she can let you come, she naturally has plans. You might as well listen to what she has to say." Seeing Xiao Yan's face, Medusa said lightly.

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