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"This is enough to last you for two hours, during which time you will need to extract the amethyst from the Lion's lair." "I will try my best to delay him," Said Yunzhi softly, "but you must hurry. That beast is as wise as a human being. In case something happens. I'm afraid there won't be many chances."

"Ha ha, the effect of Dan medicine is too fierce, easy to hurt the vein, so we must take a more gentle way!" The medicine old smiled slightly, way: "tomorrow, you prepare three complete purple leaf orchid grass, the older the better, there are two plants of bone wash flower, this thing year is optional, oh, by the way, there is a wood department of a magic core, these are low-level materials, I think you can get... There's someone up here! I'm going back to the ring! And don't let anyone know I exist, not even those closest to you." Finish saying that finish, medicine old also disregard mouth bigger and bigger Xiao Yan, straight into the black ring, ring slightly quiver, accurate set in the Xiao Yan finger.

Look at xiao Yan's move, Xiao Yu qiao face a nasty, hands long whip just want to roll back, the girl's light voice, but let her action stagnation down: "Xiao Yu cousin, believe xiao Yan brother, he is not rash, not sure, he will not take the initiative to provoke."

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After the effect of building jiling liquid weakened, the old medicine did not use other medicine to help Xiao Yan enhance strength, but let him try to relax some mood in this period of time, the way of practice, a relaxation is the right way, spelled life practice, sometimes it will go astray.

Medicine old absorbed in the control of the palm of the flame temperature, this moment, as long as the temperature slightly higher a little bit, the mass of black liquid, will be calcined into a mass of nihilistic air.

"He did come back... Still, he seems to regard me as some sort of childhood heel, what a stick..." Gently pout pout small mouth, immediately xun son and some blame their greed.

As one of the three families in the city of Wutan, xiao's ceremony naturally attracted the attention of various forces in the city, some friendly forces, but also directly invited to participate in the ceremony of the people.

Now Kaoru acted as if she were showing off to everyone what she was most proud of, something she had so carefully protected that no one else could tarry it.

The sellsword smiled and nodded. Just as he turned around, his face suddenly changed and he turned around. A fierce bolt of energy hit him like lightning on his head.

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Beautiful eyes looking at a small flower bed, a representative of rare and difficult to find the name of senior medicinal materials, from the small hospital fairy ruddy mouth, secretly jumped out.

As Xiao zhan's heavy drink falls, the training ground above the young girls, suddenly nervous up.

"Bang!" The storm and the pillar of fire, after a few minutes of mutual stalemate, also finally because of the exhaustion of energy, in a muffled sound throughout the mountains, annihilated.

Her voice was very pleasing to the ear, but perhaps because of her station, there was always a certain nobility in it that could not be concealed.

At the gate of the manor, the defense is very heavy, even more than a dozen armed guards to guard this.

"I have my own rope. I don't need your help!" Look at Xiao Yan this action, the small doctor fairy immediately retreated a few steps, pretty face flushed shame anger way.

Looking at the faint smile on the face of the young man dressed in black, Xiao Zhan did not know why, but he breathed a sigh of relief...

"Cut!" The jade cup in The hands of Xiao Zhan suddenly turned into a powder.

When several people were unstable, two swift winds, like loaches, slipped quietly out of the gap between them. But when they recovered their consciousness, they had been unable to stop them. At the moment, they had to shout to The last one, Muli, "Young leader, they are coming at you!"

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