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"Although this" burning determination "is only a lower level of the yellow rank, but in terms of power, it is not weaker than the intermediate level of the yellow rank. Besides, although the skill is weak, but you are still fighting skills? Three kinds of metaphysical skills. That's enough to make up the difference." The medicine old smiled to comfort 1, immediately warn a way: "your fighting spirit method is not equal to others, that is to say in lasting power and strong degree not equal to others, so, after fighting with the person, must be crisp, do not move, move will do one's best! War never!"

Smell of words, Jialibi's face is very happy, if really can make this medicine so special Dan medicine, that jialiai family will be able to take this for advertising, and then pull back a lot of popularity, finally perhaps, also can again pressure shaw home.

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The huge robe covered, not only to cover xiao Yan's face, even the young some thin body, but also stuffed bloated up, now xiao Yan's appearance, I'm afraid even if the xun son standing in front of it, it is difficult to recognize...

"At least kill you. It's very simple." Smile a little. Mully smiled. Kill with awe.

"Is the yellow rank higher?" Hearing this, Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief, his practice of "burning determination", although only the lowest yellow rank, but if you really want to compare, in fact, will not be inferior to the intermediate yellow rank, coupled with his mastery of several kinds of secret skills, Xiao Yan is confident that the two sides because of the grade gap to level.

In its fight when the gas package, not far from the Xiao Yan, softly shout: "explosion!"

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Watched him in mind, the purple flames of slight growth, have been ZSZSZSZ income eyes, looking at the science of uniting the effect is so good, he is also some surprises in the heart, for once again absorbed energy after a long time outside, ZSZSZSZ slowly opened his eyes and then pulled out from ring holding the amethyst source of jade bottle, finger very carefully with a little bit, in the mouth and tongue to a more quickly, And then it was swallowed with spit.

Seems not to feel the hot vision of Xiao Ning, xun son polite but unfamiliar slightly shook his head, softly said: "Cousin Xiao Ning is humble." Say that finish, do not wait for Xiao Ning to continue to close, is to the east of the hall that buried in the scroll of the young smile line.

This degree, even three years ago in the most peak state of Xiao Yan, also impossible to do!

"I'll go back to the team." Small doctor fairy light smile way.

Casually put a hand, black robe person light smile way: "this profit is not attractive to me, if it weren't for fear of your heart not steadfast, that 50 percent I actually too lazy to close."

Chapter 133 Beautiful Healing

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