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"Strict lion." Standing on the sand dunes. The big man raised his head slightly. Shen Sheng announced his name. This is a little bit of etiquette between the strong.

"Where's Old Hai?" Xiao Yan asked casually, jumping off the stone chair.

Listening to Yao Lao's plain words, the three of them suddenly trembled, and looked down at the ground that was at least a thousand meters away with fear on their faces, and their heels kept shivering.

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The long sword in his hand pointed diagonally, and the sharp sword-shaped sword tip shot out. Yunzhi stared indifferently at the two little black spots that were getting closer and closer, and the corner of his mouth slightly raised an icy arc. Obviously, just because of Xiao Yan And she, who is full of grievances and anger, has planned to use these two people to vent her anger.

"I hope he won't let us down." Yao Lao chuckled lightly. The body swayed slightly. Immediately, it turned into a streamer and drilled into the black ring.

Standing on a stone in the distance, Xiao Yan, who was staring at the flames, was a little pale, and Queen Medusa's shrill scream that almost made people tremble really gave him quite a shock. , I have to say, this woman is really paranoid and crazy.

Stretching slightly, all the bones in his body crackled for a while, Xiao Yan walked to the bed, carried Xuan Zhongchi gently on his back, and said softly, "It's time to go!"

"It doesn't seem to be..." Xiao Yan said with a smile, seeing Rob's wry smile, knowing his choice, he shrugged, turned his palms slightly, a small jade bottle appeared in his hand, and glanced at Rob and behind him The three fighting masters, the jade bottle tilted slightly, poured out four red medicinal pills from it, flicked the fingers, and the four medicinal pills flew into the hands of the four people who were stunned.

"Hee hee, the little guy is really ruthless, but it's useless for this sister..." With a smile, Yue Mei slowly raised her snow-white palm, waved it slightly, and the overwhelming green energy burst out from her palm. In the end, it turned into thousands of tiny energy snakes, which easily dissolved the energy contained in Xiao Yan's heavy ruler.

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dull atmosphere. After a long while. It was finally broken by a burst of cheers in the woods. The three raised their heads. But now. It turned out that the monster was fighting hard with Ferry. It has been killed by everyone. No wonder they are so excited.

"Hey, what can I do if I'm restless? Even if he recovers his strength, he's just a Douhuang, what can he do to us?" Yao Lao smiled faintly: "But the heart of guarding others is indispensable, and neither are we. What kind of soft persimmon, for the sake of safety, you must put some protective measures in place... I said before, when refining the medicinal herbs, give him some accessories. If he has no evil intentions, then everything is easy to say. If it is true If you want to make some ghost ideas, then we naturally don't have to be merciful."

"Bang." Blood accompanied the brain. Fly down from the sky. A piece of body fell quickly. Then it was smashed into the yellow sand. After a while, the yellow sand pit, also in the flowing yellow sand, gradually disappeared.

"Let me try it, your ruler... seems a little weird." Xiao Li stared at the huge ruler on the ground with interest, and said with a smile.

In the hall, Xiao Yan swept up to the top of another pillar like lightning, and looked coldly at the woman in Tsing Yi who covered her face. Between his palms, the white flames rose rapidly.

Bone spirit cold fire. A mixture of extreme heat and extreme cold. when extremely hot. Burn everything. when it is extremely cold. Frozen big...

Xuan Chongchi whizzed past, and the pressure of oppression turned out to crush the nearby small bushes to the ground.

Usually, when this happens, it means that the situation in the body is not very smooth, because if there is an energy riot at this time, then the surface of Xiao Yan's skin is likely to be directly blown away.

"No way. I really need Bingling Cold Spring. Even if he opens his mouth wide, if I can get it out, I'm afraid I can only be slaughtered by him." Nodding helplessly, Xiao Yan said with a wry smile.

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